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Upgrade Pricing

Apple does offer upgrade pricing in the App Store. It's full retail pricing they've obliterated.

When Apple released Logic Pro X as a new, $200 app a couple of weeks ago, I immediately thought that it finally answered the question as to where Apple stood on the issue of upgrade pricing. It was the first paid Apple app on the App Store to update a full version, after all, and instead of adding a mechanism to the App Store to allow existing users to upgrade at a discount, Apple, like Tweetie 2 back in 2009, simply released the new version as a separate app and asked anyone and everyone, new and existing customers alike, to pay in full. Only... it wasn't really "in full", was it?

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Would you pay again for iOS 7 versions of your favorite apps?

iOS 7 is coming, and with it an all-new design language. Apps will have to update to reflect that change, or risk looking old and outdated, and lose their place to newer, hotter updates and upstarts. But great design and development aren't free -- they're expensive. So how will companies afford to restart in a post-iOS 7 world. Apple has shown their answer - charge again for the app. Will customers accept this, however? Hall of famer Gedeon Maheux of the Iconfactory wrestles with the upcoming reality on his Gedblog:

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Apple puts its price tag where its policy is, charges full price for Logic Pro X upgrade on Mac App Store

Today, with the launch of Logic Pro X one of the longest running questions in App Store history has, perhaps, finally been answered: What will Apple do when one of their major apps gets updated? And that answer appears to be, charge $199 for the new version, same way they charged $199 for the old version just yesterday.

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Buying iPad with OS 3.2? You'll get 4.0 for free, but 5.0 will cost you!

MacRumors got a look at the licensing agreement and noticed the following little gem with regards to free (like iPhone) vs. paid (like iPod touch) updates:

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UPDATED: Upgrade Pricing Finally Coming to App Store?

UPDATE: Or not, as this dialog's been around for a while as per 9to5Mac's @llsethj.

Developer Frasier Spears posted the above "curious" iTunes dialog to Twitter. It appeared when he hit "Update All". We have no way of knowing exactly it means, but we're hoping it means upgrade pricing is finally coming to the app store.

As background, one of the problems still facing developers has been the inability to offer paid upgrades. Either they had to give away new versions for free, or they had to create new apps with no way to discount the price to existing users.

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