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Updated Twice: Adobe CEO Speaks! Mobile Flash Running on iPhone Emulation

Here at TiPB we've covered the heck out of the Flash on the iPhone debacle. Will it, won't it, can it, should it, omgvidz!1 and privacy nightmares. But it just won't stop. Current case in point, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen was once again let near a live mic:

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In ur SDK: Sun Still Brewing Java... Sorta...

Daring Fireball, via Digital Arts, brings word that Sun hasn't stopped trying to bring a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to the iPhone even though:

Apple has not been publicly receptive to having Java on its popular new device. There have been questions about whether Apple's iPhone SDK agreement would permit this. The JVM potentially could sidestep Apple's App Store program for dispensing iPhone applications.

And while Sun's efforts continue, they're also hedging their bets with Innaworks, who produces alcheMo, which may let Java programs compile as native iPhone apps, ready for App Store:

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In ur SDK: Microsoft TellMe About iPhone?

Hot on the heals of the Microsoft MacBU (makers of Office 2008 for Mac) talking iPhone SDK, comes word (via Fortune) that Microsoft's recently acquired TellMe division, which specializes in voice recognition, is also eyeing Apple's little market grabber:

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In ur SDK: Adobe Flash'ing iPhone?

GearLive reported Flash for the iPhone was immanent. Adobe retorted that it was all up to Steve Jobs. His Steveness resorted to telling investors that Flash desktop was too big, Flash Lite was too small, and they were missing a product that was juuuusssst right.

Well, Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen hopes Apple's newly released SDK will help Adobe deliver that middle ground, with or without Jobs' blessing. Speaking to investors, Narayen said (via Apple Insider):

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In ur SDK: Sun Brewing Java for iPhone?

Sun, the company that loves Java so much they made it their stock symbol, has announced that they've looked at the new Apple SDK and believe they can use it to bring Java VM (virtual machine) ME (micro addition) to the iPhone:

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