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Utility Apps

Clean up your Mac's hard drive with Washing Machine 2014

Intego has announced Washing Machine 2014, a utility for cleaning up your Mac's hard drive. Washing Machine analyses your hard drive and finds files that haven't been used in a long time and deletes them, freeing up space. It also finds duplicate files and asks the user which one it should keep.

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iStat 2 for iPhone and iPad lets you remotely monitor Windows, Mac, and Linux from server side to pool side

iStat menu 2 is the second generation system monitoring app for iOS by longtime iStat menu-makers, Bjango. While Bjango started off focused on widgets on computers, for computers, they moved rapidly to mobile following the launch of the iPhone so that you could take your monitoring with you. That's the dream, right?

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Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad review

Earlier today, Google announced and then rapidly released Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad, leaving many of us screaming "finally!" Google Chrome is a very popular -- the most popular, according to Google -- web browser for Mac and PC. It lets you keep bookmarks, tabs, logins and more synced between computers. With Google Chrome for iOS, you can now bring that same personalized experience to your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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Timer for iPhone review

Timer is a new iPhone app by one of our favorite development teams, App Cubby. As its name implies, Timer is all about setting timers and doing it fast. And because it was designed by App Cubby, it also features a gorgeous design.

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Protect your photos with Safety Photo+ for iPhone

Safety Photo+, by Eightythree Technology, is an iPhone utility app that lets you passcode protect your photos.

One of the cool features is the ability to upload/download from your computer via web browser or iTunes file sharing. This means you don't have to ever have the photos in the native photo library.

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Measures HD for iPad now available

Measures HD, by Neuwert Media, is an iPad utility app that converts between currency and units of measure.

In addition to all features available in the iPhone version, Measures for iPad supports unlimited number of favorites and wikipedia look-up feature providing additional information for the units you choose. The UI for the iPad version was created from scratch to provide the best user experience.

Screenshots and details after the break.

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