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Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile introduces new 'unlimited' plans starting at $30 per month

Virgin Mobile has introduced three new unlimited plans, which offer high-speed data with unlimited talk and text starting at $30 per month. But unlimited isn't what it used to be.

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Virgin Mobile teams up with Walmart to offer contract-less prepaid LTE data sharing plans

Virgin Mobile USA has partnered with Walmart to offer new prepaid multi-line data-sharing plans. The new Data Done Right plans will be exclusively available from Walmart, and will be available beginning tomorrow, January 17. The multiple line plan will include a free Mobile Hotspot feature.

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Virgin Mobile monthly plans get updated, including $20 a month Wi-Fi only plan

Virgin Mobile has some updates on its current monthly plans for its no-contract smartphones, such as the iPhone 5s, including a new $20 plan that offers 300 minutes and unlimited text if the phone only connects to Wi-Fi sources to get its data.

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Virgin Mobile dramatically cuts price of new iPhones once again

Virgin Mobile has once again slashed the price of off-contract iPhones, with an unsubsidized 16GB iPhone 5s available for $384.99. This is down from Virgin's previous low price of $460.

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Virgin Mobile escalates iPhone price war

Almost from the start, U.S. wireless carriers and retailers have offered cash cards, discounts and other incentives to get people to buy the new iPhone 5c and 5s. Now Virgin Mobile is stepping it up a notch with the cheapest deal I've seen on an unsubsidized phone.

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Sprint plans pre-paid service rebranding, more in 2014

America's third-largest wireless carrier, Sprint, plans an extensive rebranding in the new year. The company plans to revive a recently defunct service in a new way and also wants to consolidate existing pre-paid services into a new identity, according to TechCrunch.

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Rogers vs. Bell vs. TELUS: Which Canadian iPad Air or Retina iPad mini carrier should you get?

Once you've decided you're getting a new iPad Air and picked your capacity and color, now you have the option of picking a carrier if you want wireless data. The vast majority of users just stick to Wi-Fi networks for their fix, but you can also get data over cell towers. If you're in Canada, that means going with one of the big three carriers: Rogers, Bell, or TELUS, or one of their lower-price subsidiaries. All of the big three have confirmed that they'll be offering the latest and greatest iPads and Apple announced the iPad Air with cellular connectivity would start at $649. So which carrier should you go with? We've chewed through the plans and coverage, and here's what we've found!

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Virgin Mobile sells iPhone 5c, 5s for $100 off

If you're shopping for a new iPhone and going with a prepaid plan sounds right for you, you might want to consider Virgin Mobile USA. They just began offering the iPhone 5c and 5s starting today, and they're selling them for $100 less than you'd pay at an Apple store.

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Virgin Mobile USA to carry iPhone 5c and 5s starting October 1st

Virgin Mobile USA announced Friday plans to carry the new iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s beginning Tuesday, October 1st. As a prepaid carrier, Virgin will be offering the phones unsubsidized, but you can get prepaid coverage for as little as $35 a month.

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Virgin Mobile USA adds iPhone 5 on June 28

You've been able to get an iPhone 4 through Virgin Mobile USA for a while, and the company announced Friday that starting next week, you'll be able to get the iPhone 5 too. It's priced starting at $549.99, and Virgin's offering a discount that nets you voice and data for as little as $30 per month.

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