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visual impairments

How to invert screen colors for visual accessibility on iPhone and iPad

Inverting screen colors is an Accessibility feature that makes the iPhone and iPad easier on the eyes for some people with a sensitivity to brightness, easier to distinguish for some people with color blindness, and easier to make out for some people with low vision. It can even be used in combination with zoom to greatly increase legibility for anyone with a visual impairment.

Note: Some people invert screen colors as a pseudo-dark theme or nighttime reading mode for when they want to greatly reduce light and glare from the display.

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How to enlarge system text on iPhone and iPad

The iPhone and iPad have lots of settings for accessibility that makes it easier for people with hearing and visual impairments to use them. If you or someone you know has visual impairments, features such as Voice Over and enlarging the system text size can completely change their experience and help alleviate frustration.

Here's how to enlarge text size throughout iOS on iPhone and iPad:

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