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Why Wall Street should pay attention to Apple's growing iTunes revenue

Over at Asymco blog, Horace Dediu wrote a wonderful post that examines the size and growth of Apple’s iTunes business. This business includes the sale of music, video, iOS apps, Mac apps, and various services.

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Wall Street isn't very happy with Apple's new iPhones, and here's why!

Yesterday Apple made the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c official. And Wall Street collectively shrugged at the news. Rather than simply attack Apple's strategy or dismiss investor reaction, let’s talk about Apple the company and the stock. Let’s have a discussion about what these guys are doing (or perhaps failing to do) when it comes to meeting the expectations of the market.

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WWDC 2013, Wall Street, and what it will take to get Apple stock moving again

Starting first thing in the morning, Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference opens its doors. Tim Cook and other execs will take the stage to share all that is new from Apple. And unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that Apple’s share price has dropped from $700 last September to below $400 in April, and has now recovered slightly to about $440 as I write this.

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Tim Cook addresses rumors about Apple cutting orders, tells Wall Street to smarten the hell up

While not specifically calling out the Wall Street Journal and Reuters for the lousy jobs they did reporting on supposed iPhone display order cuts and iPad display production halts respectively, Tim Cook went out of his way during Apple's Q1 2013 conference call to address supply-chain stories in general.

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