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Jailbreak warnings -- should you worry?

It looks as if the popular Flipboard app for iPad has added a jailbreak warning in a recent update. Upon launching the app, users that are jailbroken see a pop up warning them of potential issues on a jailbroken device.

Is this anything to be concerned about? I'd highly doubt it. As far as I know, developers can implement a checker for do things like this but it isn't anything new. Skype has been. It's just the first time we've seen a large app practicing this. I vaguely remember getting a pop up warning about my iPhone being jailbroken over a year ago on some rogue app I downloaded.

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iPhone Dev-Team: ultrasn0w Users Avoid iPhone 3.1 Beta!

Right in time for iPhone 3.1, the iPhone Dev-Team has begun issuing their usual warnings about jailbreak/unlock users and new firmware updates:

ultrasn0w users must stay away from official 3.1 (incl. betas) until we release the tools for it, or you'll lose unlock!

Tempting as a tasty new beta may be, if you can't live without your hacked iPhone, don't hit that update button now, or any time before the iPhone Dev-Team has new, tested tools ready for you.

Once again, you've been warned!

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