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Google continues to work around Apple with new HTML5 Maps app

Google has updated their online HTML5 Maps web app for both Android and iOS. But wait, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch already have built in Google Maps, right? Well, they have built-in Maps apps that use Google data, but the apps themselves are made by Apple and Apple hasn't exactly been updating them at a brisk pace.

So, like they've done in the past for Gmail and YouTube, Google is using Apple's "second development platform" -- complete with location services and local storage cache -- to get their own versions of their apps onto iOS and into the hands of users.

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Google adds weather 'widget' to search

When searching for weather on Google with your iPhone, you will now be greeted with a beautiful widget-like interface above your search results.

Google weather search displays the current weather conditions including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and chance for precipitation. Also, the forecast for the next four days is displayed and a slider to see the conditions predicted over the next 12 hours. As you slide the slider, not only are the conditions updated, but the background darkens or lightens to reflect the time of day. Underneath, you will find links to The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, and AccuWeather.

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Uncensored Playboy magazine for iPad will not be in App Store - It's a web app

Yesterday, Hugh Hefner announced that Playboy magazine would be available uncensored on the iPad, but what he failed to mention was that it would be in the form of a web app, not a native application from the App Store.

We are releasing a web-based subscription service with Bondi Digital Publishing that will give users access to every issue of Playboy both past and present. The service will be iPad compatible and will utilize iPad functions.

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Weekly Web App Review: PocketVidz

You know what the iPhone popularized? Not just iCloning. Not just multi-touch. Not just visual voicemail. What I’m talking about is watching video on your mobile device. Youtube was integrated into the iPhone from the beginning and well, most other mobile users were jealous.

But the iPhone has so much more video potential than just Youtube. As popular as Youtube is, there are other video sites out there. Take the webapp PocketVidz for example, they have thousands of videos available for your iPhone, sized and optimized for your viewing pleasure. What is the selection like? Should you try it out?

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Weekly Web App Review: JiveTalk

A lot of people have criticized the fact that there isn’t a Mobile iChat or any other Instant Messaging program on the iPhone. From a technological standpoint, there is absolutely no reason for it to be missing. Also, an IM client is a common offering among smartphones and feature phones alike. A IM program is often very useful to quickly stay in touch with your contacts and well, for ‘instant’ communication.

The Web App JiveTalk from Beejive, a company who makes the similar program and uber-popular JiveTalk for Blackberry, is the answer for those who need a chat program but aren’t ready to jailbreak their iPhones. How does it perform? Should you give it a go?

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