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White Iphone

More white iPhone HD/iPhone 4G casing images leak out

Yes we have more white next-generation iPhone casing images that have leaked out and this time they come to us from Powerbook Medic. The site claims they received the casing from one of their parts suppliers.

We first saw evidence of a all white iPhone when images of the faceplate surfaced and then shortly there after the those were followed up by images of what appeared to be a fully assembled all-white iPhone. While a video of a all white iPhone in action would be nice, we suppose we can exercise some patience and wait until June 7th when Steve shows us both - black and white devices...

The source link below seems to be down as of this writing but we have one more image after the break!

[Powerbook Medic]

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White iPhone HD/iPhone 4G spotted fully assembled

Look what is making it's debut appearance courtesy of Chinese site Apple.pro - a fully assembled white iPhone HD/iPhone 4G. So if the white faceplate was not enough to convince you, the image above should sway you.

With WWDC 2010 only being just a few short weeks away, we can not wait for this device to be officially announced by Steve! Pick your poison, what color will you be choosing - white or black?

One more image after the break!

[Engadget via Apple.pro]

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