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widescreen ready

PSA: Don't leave negative reviews for non-widescreen apps -- developers are updating as fast as they can!

At some point today, many of us will be tearing open our just-arrived Fedex or UPS packages, or rushing out of the Apple Store or other retailer, unboxing our brand new iPhones -- the iPhone 5 -- restoring them from iCloud, and launching our favorite App Store apps and games... only to see some with letter- and pillar-boxes.

Of course, a ton of really popular apps have already been updated and will be ready to go a launch. But other will take some time. So, before anyone jumps into comments or forums, or takes to Twitter, App.net, or Facebook -- or even thinks about leaving a bad App Store review -- to voice their frustrations over the lack of instant updates, there are a few realities to take into account, and some expectations that need to be properly set.

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