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TiPb's Top 5 First-Person Shooting Games!

Today’s TiPb Top 5 will be directed towards our iPhone and iPod touch wielding readers who love First-Person Shooting (FPS) games. Just like our other TiPb’s top 5 must-have posts, all of these applications are available in the App Store. For the full overview, follow us after the break!

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TiPb Give-Away: Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone -- and Xbox 360!

Wolfenstein RPG [$2.99 - iTunes link] brings the classic mobile game to the iPhone (and iPod touch) platform with all its spiked brass knuckled, sub machine gunning, dynamite exploding glory.

And the folks behind it want to give you a chance to not only get the App Store version, but the Xbox 360 game as well!

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Apps for Less Extra: ConvertBot, Doom Resurrection, Wolfenstein 3D Classic,

Apps for Less is Jeremy's turf, but we just got a few extra, time-sensitive tips we wanted to share with you for the weekend, so please bear with my less than Bad Ash fill-in attempt.

First up is ConvertBot [iTunes link], which is now totally FREE for a limited time.

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Carmack Cometh! Legendary id Brings Wolfenstein, Doom, More to iPhone

Waaaaaay back in the early days of the iPhone, word spread that legendary creator of 3D first person shooters like Wolfenstein and Doom, John Carmack was eager to develop games for the iPhone. Well, hopefully good things come to those who wait, because Carmack has just posted news that Wolfenstein is on its way, and there's more to come.

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