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Yahoo Messenger

Revamped Yahoo Messenger desktop app reminds us it still exists

Yahoo has revamped its desktop Messenger app for Windows and Mac platforms, adding features such as "liking" posts and support for GIF images.

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Yahoo Messenger reminds you it's still around with its revamped app

Yahoo is launching an all-new and revamped version of its Messenger app, adding new photo sharing features, the ability to "unsend" a message and more.

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New and updated iPhone and iPad apps for Thursday, May 19

Every day, TiPb gets flooded with announcements for new and updated iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps and games. So every day we pick just a few of the most interesting, the most notable, and simply the most awesome to share with you!

  • Soonr – Workplace: Securely store, share, access, search, edit and sync files from any device, online or offline. On your iPad, you can edit them using the world’s first integrated editor. [Free, with subscription - iTunes link]

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Yahoo! Messenger app with 3G video chat now live in App Store

On Sunday we told you that Yahoo! sent in their update to Apple for the Messenger app to allow for 3G video calling -- well today the update is live in the iTunes App Store.

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Yahoo Messenger app to add 3G video chat

Earlier this week the VP of Yahoo! Mobile in America, David Katz, let slip that Yahoo! will soon be supporting video chat on their mobile apps, including iPhone. A Yahoo Spokesperson has said that he believes:

the iPhone app has already been approved by Apple and that it would be would be available “soon.”

The advantage of Yahoo video calling is that the user will not only be able make video calls with iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4. but with Android devices, Mac and Windows PCs, and anything else Yahoo supports. Yahoo's app will also not be restricted to just Wi-Fi like FaceTime, and will be able to be used via 3G/4G.

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BeejiveIM Live in the App Store -- Is $15.99 the Right Price?

If you're an IM-hound, it's time for you to head over to iTunes and lay down $15.99 for BeejiveIM. The multi-client software can handle AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, MySpace, ICQ, and Jabber all in one little app. The whole services works via Beejive's own servers which allows them to include a couple of neat features. The first -- they'll cache your messages so if you go out of service or quit the app your messages will be waiting when you return. The second -- if you have an Exchange or MobileMe account, you can punch in your email address in the preferences and Beejive will shoot you a quick email letting you know that you've just received a message. Nice. Hopefully that feature will be unnecessary once Apple offers push notifications, but in the meantime it's a clever stopgap solution.

The only real downside is that the price, $15.99, doesn't really seem in line with the current $9.99 default price on a lot of apps. I'm of two minds on this issue. Come read the pros and cons with us after the break!

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Palringo Now Available for iPhone: Multi-Client IM FTW!

Folks who've transitioned over from Windows Mobile (or BlackBerry) to the iPhone (or folks who, like me, are dual-wielding) take heed: one of our favorite IM apps from those other platforms has finally made its way into the App Store. It's Palringo (iTunes Link) and it's free. Palringo is an instant messenger app that's able to talk to AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, etc. It will also let you send media files (like photos). There is one downside -- you do need to set up a Palringo account to get it all going, but for now at least, if you want multi-client IM, Palringo's your best option.

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