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Green vs. blue vs. yellow vs. pink vs. white: Which iPhone 5c color should you get?

More than any iPhone in history, the iPhone 5c is all about color and personality. It comes in hard coated polycarbonate - think plastic, but way classier! - in fun, vibrant shades of green, blue, yellow, pink and white. Color is so personal, so distinctive, but more colors mean more to choose from, and can also mean a more difficult choice! If you're having trouble picking your particular spot on the iPhone 5c rainbow, we're here to help!

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Colorware Customizes Colors For iPhone 3G

Bummed out that the (PRODUCT)Red iPhone never came out? Regret your White iPhone? Wondering how to turn your iPhone 3G, let's say, blue? Well Colorware, the electronics color customization company, has just announced that they are going to be lending their amazing talents to the iPhone 3G.

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Updated Again! iPhone 3G Screen: It's Not Easy Being Yellow


UPDATE 2: Daring Fireball checked with source at Apple's iPhone Engineering who confirmed that:

there were no changes regarding display color temperature between 5A345 and 5A347, and that there’s no practical reason why someone with an iPhone with 5A345 installed should go through a complete system restoration just to get 5A347.

And that, while there did appear to be differences in "yellowness" from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3G, it was not due to firmware (perhaps components?).

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