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your verse

Apple's latest iPad verses feature electropop and city bike tours

Apple has added two new stories to their "Your Verse" site, featuring Slow Roll city bike rides and Chinese musicians Yaoband. The Yaoband story highlights how the musicians use their iPads to make their music, including how they perform at live shows.

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Apple adds two new iPad verses: Orchestrating sound, exploring without limits

Apple's iPad-centric Your Verse campaign continued today with two new web pages and videos. The first is Orchestrating a new sound.

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Apple's latest 'Your Verse' offers a look at how Bollywood uses Apple products

Apple has updated their "Your Verse" site — that's the new ad campaign for the iPad Air — with a piece about how Bollywood choreographer Feroz Khan uses his iPad to capture different scenes and other inspiring pictures and video.

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iPad helps athletes, trainers detect and assess concussion injuries

The "Your Verse" section of Apple's web site - part of its ad campaign for the iPad Air - has been updated with a new section about how the iPad is being used to detect concussion injuries in athletes and help their trainers assess when they're ready to play again.

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Apple's latest "your verse" feature takes the iPad to a new summit

Apple has long held a policy of building their advertising efforts around ideas and uses instead of specs and features, and the latest entry in their "your verse" series is no different. The last entry took us deep under the sea, and so it seems only fitting that Apple turn the spotlight to the opposite extreme: mountain climbing. Mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington talked about how the addition of the iPad to their gear has changed how they scale some of the tallest peaks on Earth:

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Original Apple Verse too long and heavy for you? Here are the Light and Sound remixes!

Apple has taken their Your Verse spot, featuring Robin Williams' voice-over from Dead Poets Society, and broken it down into two shorter, more tightly focused sports, Light Verse and Sound Verse. Both Light, above, and Sound, below, share the same description:

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Your verse: Enter now to win a FREE iPad Air from iMore!

Apple's latest iPad Air commercial features Robin Williams from Dead Poets Society quoting Walt Witman and asking — what will your verse be? It's filled with iPads in amazing places, being used for amazing things. And it got us to wondering — if you had a brand new iPad Air, what amazing place would you take it? What amazing thing would you do with it? What would your verse be? Answer that in the comments below, and we'll give you a brand new 16GB iPad Air to help you do it. (Technically a $500 Apple Store gift card!)

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Apple launches poetic new iPad Air campaign: 'What will your verse be?'

Apple just debuted a new iPad Air commercial and campaign centered around poetry and what it means to be human. Called "What will your verse be?" it once again ties into Apple's "intersection of technology and liberal arts" theme by acknowledging the importance of science, but praising the achievements of the human soul. The ad is complemented by a page on that shares some verses, from the top of the world to the depth of the ocean.

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