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Youtube Apps

Limited offline viewing coming to YouTube's mobile apps

Google will soon launch a new YouTube feature that will allow users to view certain content without an internet connection. Viewers will designate videos to add to their device, which they will then be able to watch offline in case they lose their internet connection.

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Tuber+ for iPhone and iPad review: YouTube the way it should be

If you watch a lot of YouTube videos on your iPhone or iPad, you've probably already found that there aren't a lot of options if you don't fancy the official YouTube app. I've always felt it wasn't very full featured and by a happy mistake, stumbled across Tuber+ for iPhone and iPad last week. Not only does it have the same features of the official YouTube app, but adds even more that many regular YouTube users want.

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Add copyright-free music to your home videos with YouTube Producer for iPhone

Create a great video but struggling with pairing it with the perfect music? YouTube Producer has come to the rescue! YouTube Producer offers tens of thousands of copyright free music that you can add to your videos before sharing to YouTube and not fear that it will be removed for containing copyrighted material.

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