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Zomg No Steve

ZOMG No Steve! Macworld Fallout Day 5

The fallout from Steve Jobs' no-show for Macworld 2009, and Apple's pull-out from all future Macworlds continues.

  • First up, Arik Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek asks if Apple is ditching Macworld for CES. While many saner minds drafted up lengthy retorts, Daring Fireball nailed the one-punch-kill: "No."
  • Daring Fireball also gives it's own perspective, that he not busy being born is busy dying: "Traditions are comforting. But comfort, I think, tends not to breed innovation. It can be hard to tell whether you’re staying the course because it’s the right direction, or because you’ve dug yourself into a deep rut."
  • John Siracusa of Ars Technica suggests Apple's exit from Macworld is part of their "fearless" DNA: "Though painful and jarring in the short term, these kinds of moves are a big part of what makes Apple great. While other companies are paralyzed with indecision, or cling relentlessly to what has worked in the past, or are seduced by sentimentality, Apple is busy murdering its darlings. Though such dramatic moves often appear foolhardy to its more cautious competitors, Apple usually has the last laugh, working through the initial pain to find itself in a much better position down the road—a winning position."

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Macworld Fallout: Organizer Talks, Apple Walks, Community Balks

The news is still fresh (and painful): No Steve-Note at this year's Macworld Expo an no Apple from next year on. Reaction over the intertubes has been fast and in some cases furious. Here's a quick sampling:

  • Paul Kent of Macworld Expo responded with a non-response, which is probably all he really could do: "We look forward to many successful years of Macworld to come."
  • Jason Snell of Macworld Magazine (same parent, different company) thinks it might be better for the show: "And yet every year, those same companies schlep out to San Francisco to announce their next big products—and find their announcements completely washed away by whatever Steve Jobs announced on Tuesday morning. Completely washed away."
  • Jim Goldman of CNBC says the reasons are purely political, not health related: "Apple has been trying to separate itself from Macworld for some time, preferring instead to host its own "special events" a few times a year." (er... um, that sounds more strategic than political, but who are we to analyze people's headlines?)
  • Jesus Diaz at Gizmodo says Apple has always wanted out of Macworld, but thinks no Steve-note is just one more step on Jobs' road to retirement: "The simplest explanation, following previous events, is that canceling MacWorld and having Phil Schiller to present it is just another part of His Plan. This doesn't mean that he is leaving the company tomorrow, however. it is just one more step towards that goal, as I explained back in October."

Read on for more, after the break!

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Official: No Steve-Note at Apple's LAST Macworld

And lo, Steve Jobs opened the 7th seal, and there was silence at Macworld.

Apple just made it official folks, Phil Schiller will be presenting the Keynote, and after that, Apple will no longer be attending Macworld, leaving WWDC as possibly the only show big left for Apple and Steve Jobs.

Is this the end of an era, or the beginning of something new? Does no Steve-note mean no Macworld for anyone? What will this do to expectations? And will it make Apple's "special events" even more special?

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Steve Jobs Giving Keynote at Macworld... or Not?

In 2007 Steve Jobs strode up onto the Macworld stage, rehashed the Apple TV for a bit, then dropped the shot heard around the consumer electronic universe: iPhone.

In 2008, it was Time Capsule, an iPhone OS update, Apple TV Take 2, and the MacBook Air.

And in 2009?

Er... um... we're not even sure he's going to be there, according to Businessweek (via MacRumors):

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