Tampa man charged with scamming $309,768 from Apple retail stores

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Sharron Laverne Parrish Jr. of Tampa has been charged with scamming a total of $309,768 from a number of Apple's retail stores located in 16 states, according to recently revealed federal court documents.

The 24 year old Parrish Jr is accused of taking that massive amount from Apple, in the form of merchandise, via a rather complicated scheme. He took a debit card that he knew had no funds in its associated account to these targeted Apple stores in order to "buy" devices. When the debit card was declined, he protested that there was some mistake, which then lead to many of the Apple store employees to call the bank. If there are in fact funds in the account, the bank can send an override code that can be entered into a debit card reader manually to allow the transaction to take place.

However, in this case, Parrish pretended to chat with the bank after an Apple employee handed him the phone, and Parrish in turn allegedly gave the worker a false code to override the bank's decline order on the debit card. Here's the key to his scam; it didn't matter what the actual code is He gave the Apple store employees any number to type in, as long as its within a specific number of digits, and it can still override the machine.

The scam was discovered by the U.S. Secret Service and Parrish was arrested on July 17. An Apple spokesperson declined to say if the company plans to make any changes at its retail stores so that this kind of scam cannot happen again.

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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Tampa man charged with scamming $309,768 from Apple retail stores


Shit... Why i didnt thought of it before?

And does it seem weird to you that US secret service is the one found out about this, not the police or fbi?

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Secret service deals with money scams, counterfeit bills first. It is not really uncommon for them to be the first involved.

Oh man, be as pissed as you like by what I'm about to say, but this is genius!! This person's major screw up however is that they didn't stop while still ahead. I can bet that Many other people have use this style of manipulation as well but were smart enough to bail after once or twice.

An ingenious scheme and an interesting article once I was able to filter through the horrible grammar. Made it nearly impossible to read.

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Okay maybe I was a little harsh with my "horrible grammar" comment. It's been one if those days. Nonetheless, there were a lot of mistakes and I did have to keep stopping to figure out what was being said.

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It is ingenious but as much as I love Apple products, $300K you have to know someone is going to notice. And to have the Secret Service catch him, he was involved in more than scamming Apple in my opinion.

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