Tap Tap Revenge Debuts Push Notification in App Store

9to5Mac (via Gizmodo) shows Push Notification already working in the latest version of Tap Rap Revenge [Free - iTunes link] when run on the iPhone 3.0 GM developer seed. Gizmodo, of course, raises the pertinent question:

It certainly isn't the most creative use of background notifications—the messages only pop up when you're challenged by another player—and I'm already wondering how, when all kinds of apps have this capability, the iPhone's exceedingly simple notification system will scale.

Since Text Alerts don't tack, a new one obliterates the one before it. What happens when an urgent IM is replaced by "Hey, dooooooode, can haz rock out?!" Sure, badges remain, but then you have to go looking for them...

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Rene Ritchie

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Tap Tap Revenge Debuts Push Notification in App Store


Looking good, downloaded this this morning and going to give it a blast at lunchtime with a friend. I think they might need to tweak it to show a button if possible, if you got a challenge notification whilst away frmo the phone andyou go to pick it up to make an urgent call and unlocking sends it straight into the app!
also maybe some kind of easier way of adding friends, ie searching or emailing peolpe a link which adds you to friends list.

it is a ridiculous system (i didnt know they dont queue up behind each other).
just allow background apps already - its the consumers own fault if they run down the battery life

GPRS is the slowest network available for the iPhone, not Edge.
Anyhow, I assume you can select which apps will use push and which ones won't. Correct?

I played tap tap last night to love game by lady gaga, now I see why everyone is feeling her so much now, I live for that song, that beat is sick, it will be nice to be able to challenge friends or family even when the app is closed

You might want to try to focus the camera, dumbass, or get one that you can focus. Let's see how fast the notifications are when Apple's servers get jammed up with 36 gazillion notifications when everyone has the updates.