Tapbots' Paul Haddad talks WWDC and Tweetbot

Tapbots co-creator and developer Paul Haddad was kind enough to sit down at WWDC 2012 to talk about the keynote, and about their hugely popular Twitter client, Tweetbot.

We lost the dedicated audio recording, unfortunately, so all we have is the crappy camera recording. Apologies about that (we had several mic failures during the event -- suffice it to say, we're getting all new audio gear for next time).

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Tapbots' Paul Haddad talks WWDC and Tweetbot


I think I'll wait till you add subtitles. You do plan on adding subtitles, don't you? As it stands, this is extremely hard to follow for a non-native speaker especially.

You've just told us it has crappy audio and is long. Please provide a written summary. Many of us don't have time for long form video but we'd love to hear what Paul has to say.