What tech gifts did you get? What did you give? [Sticky]

So anyone get a new iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Apple TV or other sweet tech gift yesterday? Did you get any awesome accessories or really cool apps? And what did you give the kids, the parents, the friends... that special someone?

Was Apple a big presence in your presents? Let us know in the comments!

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What tech gifts did you get? What did you give? [Sticky]


What accessory can I buy for £40? I saw a nice dock for iPod touch G4 which is also a recording tripod

my tech gift were 1 iphone4 e 2 ipod touch, i get a coffe machine and an automatic shirt dryer... sweet!

I gave a 32 gig ipad to my mom, and i got a 21.5in imac !! very happy about that, now im all set up iphone4, ipad, and now imac !

I got an iPad 32gb wifi. Ultimate present!! Jailbroke it and I'm loving it, can't wait for 4.2 untethered jb
Only problem now is what to do with my MacBook!! The iPad is really great for everyday use

Sold my iPad back in July. Impressed but not overly. Have to see what's coming out in a month or 2. Crazy how many people are still buying iPads when the new one will be out in a month or 3

I gave the hubby my iphone 3GS. Now he's driving me nuts with questions, lol. I am directing him to this site. Happy Holidays, Georgia, et al! Love you guys!

For Hanuukah my wife got me an 21.5" iMac with 8gb of Ram and a 1tb hd. For my "smaller" gift she got me a pair of Isotoner SmarTouch gloves.

Got a iPad from the wife and a nice external hardrive. Not at all bad. Told her she can update it every Christmas now LOL.

I already have an iPhone 4, iPad and apple tv. Have gave and 3G, 3GS and noe an iPod touch 2g in my desk all for sale. Also gave my my son a new Touch 4 and my mom a stereo dock for her Touch 4.
I'm broke!!

I got my daughter an iPod touch, and both of my parents are getting an iPhone 3GS (their first smart phone). I got iCoal.

Blue snap on shell for my iPad + 15$ iTunes card from secret santa @ work. Also got a kenneth Cole laptop bag for my MacBook / iPad / droid x / whatever tech gadgets I happen to drop stupid amounts of money on.

I bought my wife an iPad (64 gb) on Black Friday for Christmas. I gave it to her early. After she got it, I played with it once before I ordered myself one for Christmas. I love my iPad.

I didn't get anything techy really well unless you include iTunes cards which in that case I got two £15 iTunes cards and a £25 iTunes card. (pounds because I live in the uk). My mam got an iPod touch. She's useless with the touch screen because her touch screen phone is one of the ones that have a sheet of plastic over it so that you press into it rather than tap, and she is used to just using her nail and then the iPod touch touch screen is just glass and she can't use it very well. I got an iPhone 3G for my birthday back in march and an iPad in October so I know how to use it well.

Got a new droid x and the samsung galaxy tablet. both awesome and both give me a full browser experience. suck it apple...html 5 haha smart idea smart idea....

Got A Apple TV & A iHome iA100 Bluetooth Audio System! The iHome Is Amazing! Does WAY More Than I Need Or Even Think Of Doin!

got an ipad & itouch 4....apple is gonna kill me with its retina display...and for ipad ther r no words...its awsm...luv it...!!!

I gave my wife a 15" MacBook pro and I bought myself a new (the most beautiful tv I have ever seen) 32" Samsung tv for my bedroom.

I got some SkullCandy headphones, PS3 controller, and iPod Touch 4.......even though I already have an iPhone 4.
Gonna get a MacBook Pro in April though. Don't want to get one now because refresh should be pretty soon.

Apple TV! Very pleased. Going to wait for my (my wife has hers) iPad when the next iteration comes out in 2011. Hopefully I'll get good use out of it by 12/22/2012 (grinning wide)!

@Jeremy for years now I have had a childish red mist around me when it comes to getting socks for Christmas! I was always mega ungrateful and found it hard to put on an "oh my god it's just what I wanted" face... Until this year that is. I opened all my prezzies and didn't get one pair of socks and instantly felt short changed lol! I started thinking about it more and realised I ain't bought a pair of socks for the past 10 years. Never underestimate the power of "crappy" gifts!
On the techie subject I got the missus an iPhone 4 and the little man a new xbox with kinect which is pretty damn good.
Merry Xmas and happy new year people!

I got my 6 year old son an iPod Touch. My 2 year old son told Santa that he wanted an iPad. I sent the video to Steve Jobs.

Got an iPod Touch 4! Wasnt expecting it at all! I got rid of my iphone 3GS in september and i use the iTouch more than i ever used my iphone! Its amazing! I've been on facetime for an all time record of 7 hours!

I got a bumper for my iPhone 4, a Scosche charging adapter for my car. Gave my girlfriend a Tory Burch iPhone holder.

i got an iphone 4...love it! :D i spent the last couple of days tweaking & fiddling...addictive :p

Got iGloves. They work pretty well, but not sure I want to wear them all the time. Sure do beat that iNose app. My boys got lots is DS and Wii games. My Dad wanted thes stick on zoom and wide angle lenses for his HTC Evo. Not sure how those will work out but first he needs to figure out how to use the device. Watches him struggle with for two days and he is an enterprise IT architect.

The closest thing to an Apple gift I got was some iTunes credit, but a family present of a
58 inch full HD Samsung TV was a fantastic gift to get!

I gave my daughter the 3G I used before I got my iPhone 4. She was so surprised. The look on her face was priceless.

A MacBook Pro,Google T.V,5PS3 games,New Camrea.Santa only gives to us spoiled rich kids lol.I'm only 16!!!!

A power inverter, 12V DC to 115V AC. Will power your laptop, and other electric accessories. Even has a USB charge port. Kind of nice if your on a trip, and need to power your laptop. Gave iTunes gift cards.

I got a 2010 15 inch MacBook Pro, along with some itunes gift cards, and a fifty dollar gift card to best buy all from my incredibly generous future in-laws.....My new MacBook Pro is the first Mac computer that I've ever owned!! Suffice it to say, I am incredibly excited.

I Had Ipad Wifi 16GB as Gift,From My Mom
It is Amazing, I cant Wait, To make A Few More saving money and get a Iphone

I got a $25 apple gift card, oh yea I also got a 64gb wifi 3G IPad. Thanks Mom and Dad. My brother also got one. It was a great Christmas

I got an AppleTV, iTunes gift cards, an extra iPad charging cord, and a 2TB external hard drive. WIth the hard drive and the Apple TV, I can now fulfill my dream of converting my 400+ DVDs into digital format for streaming.

I got my girlfriend a 16gb iPad. Thank goodness the battery is so good, because she's barely put it down so far!

Let's see...
We gave the two youngest each and iTouch (oldest already has an iPhone. The oldest received a Kindle.
Several iTunes gifts cards and Pogo Sketch in the stockings for several family members.
...and ME, I got a new camera lens!

Got 4 different iPhone 4 cases, which shows you how well my family knows me because I've never used/wanted a case

I got an iPad and got my iPhone 4 back (I went android for a couple months but came back). And I gave my daughter her first touch 3rd gen. Don't put the iPad down much. My new favorite portable companion.

Does an RC Helicopter count as a tech gift? I got one of those.. Oh yeah.. I also gifted and iPhone 3GS..

Got a Speck Products red SeeThru for my MacBook Pro and I LOVE it. My sister and I gave my mother an iPad and an iTunes gift card. She loves Angry Birds HD.

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