Tech21 Impact Trio for iPhone at #CESlive: Can it survive the hammer?

A while back I was doing a review of a Tech21 case, which uses non-Newtonian material to absorb impact and protect your phone, when I did a drop test and... promptly broke my phone. I was an edge-case — literally, I somehow managed to hit an edge — and not only did the Tech21 case remain my favorite of the year, I simply had to seek them out at #CES 2014 and see what more they'd come up with for this year.

You can see the "now" up top, and journey back with me to re-live the "then" below!

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Tech21 Impact Trio for iPhone at #CESlive: Can it survive the hammer?


Very impressive technology. I will be looking into this for my next case and screen protector. Is it already available? How about pricing?

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I remember seeing a video on a similar material several years ago, back during the iPhone 3G days. At the time it was just a couple of guys who had come up with it in their garage or something. It was grey in color, but it worked the same way.

Wow, that looks fantastic and worth a further look upon release! I would like to see more of that orangey material in the case than they appear to be using presently, though.

I'm surprised to hear Georgia choosing Tech21 as her case of the year even after her iPhone screen cracked whilst using the case. I don't think I'll even buy another product from that same manufacturer if that happened to me.