Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?

 Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?

Here at Mobile Nations we like to think of ourselves as being real tech for real people. And we know that in addition to owning smartphones, real people go on dates, send each other photos, have sex, and all sorts of other stuff. The smartphone is playing a greater and greater role in all of that, so we wanted to know just how you are using your smartphone to get it on.

We're not afraid to ask the prickly questions. Even that leads to us finding out you're into prickly things (to each their own).

Now, I know where your brain is going, and we're not suggesting that you engage in sexy times with your smartphone (that's weird and a potential trip to the ER), but we know that plenty of you use your smartphone to facilitate said sexy times. So we've put together this little survey that delves into how you use your smartphone in kinky and not so kinky ways

We want you to be fully honest with us, and to have some fun. After all, there's nothing at stake here. Except for maybe your dignity. So hit the link below and, uh, get it on.

Smartphones and sex — the survey

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Derek Kessler

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Reader comments

Tell us: how does your smartphone factor into your sex life?


Before after and during my relationship with my most recent ex we would sext which would lead to eventual sex and a late work day haha. Also FaceTime but hardly ever via phone.

I think this is really inappropriate. Not every viewer via Mobile Nations is freakin' addicted to sex/sexting etc. Also including the fact that there ARE readers under 18! Keep that in mind -_- Some respect was lost today :(

Inappropriate? This is LIFE not porn. Geez prudes get it straight. I think it's very relevant to the readership. We aren't robots with only tech on our minds. If I see a new gadget and a gorgeous woman next to it, my eyes are fixated on her!

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I beg to differ... If Miley Cyrus was standing next to a real top-secret iPhone 6, my eyes would be solely on the iPhone. I wouldn't even care if Miley got hit by a wrecking ball. (Cue bad pun)

So people under 18 don't have sex? Clearly you haven't ventured outside lately, and see what kids are doing more and more these days. Come on grandpa, this is 2014 not 1950....

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I laughed....mostly at the grandpa comment, but also at how true this post is.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think the survey was done in a tasteful, respectful way. We're not a technology site, we're a community, and this is a part of our lives.

People under 16 can't drive, and we cover driving. People under 18 or 21 can't drink, and we've covered cocktail apps. Not every post will be for every reader, but we'll always strive to do the best job we can for as many readers as we can.

The survey is perfectly fine. I was well mature enough to discuss sex well before 18 years old. There's nothing wrong with this post. It's darn near Disney.

Get over it. It's not inappropriate. You're just a prude puritan. Anyways, What do you think people under 18 are talking about all day every day? Yes sex. Sex matters. I don't use my phone to help but this isn't offensive. It's just not applicable to me. Get over your puritanical ways.

She sometimes likes to watch porn a little before and during, the phone helps out with that.

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This site is starting to turn into a bunch of click bait hackers.... I can see why some of the good talent left recently, they saw this coming. Good luck with the direction you're headed.

LOL! If he's married, definitely don't google Ashley Madison. Or at least erase the web and search history afterwards.

It doesn't. I'm a single Catholic male. Don't get me my youth I was mislead and thought sex was a sport. But now, I live a Catholic life.

My IPhone has been instrumental in my walk with Christ. I have the Liturgy of the Hours on my IPhone with the Divine Offive app. I have alarms that go off that remind me of prayers to say at different times of the day.

I think you should focus more on what makes us better people with our iDevice. Our culture puts too much importance on sex. We don't grow as humans with sex. But our iDevice can help us be better people if we didn't focus on the dark culture.



No, love God with your whole mind, body and heart; and love your neighbor. That's what's important. :)

As much as you want to say leave sex out of it, the same could be said for religion.

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As much as I'm addicted to this thing called sex... It ultimately serves 1 purpose & only 1 purpose - reproduction for our species.
Everything else is a delusion.
; )

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We all have different cultures, that's the great thing about being a community. I'm thrilled your iPhone is helping you succeed along your path!

Let's just say I'm glad i have the VS2 vault app to save my videos and pics and hide them from the world safely but keep them for posterity and for you know.... Later...

Married and don't use it for anything besides phone and written communication, but if I WAS tempted to get kinky with it, the NSA et al. spooks have made any moves in that direction a definite "not worth the trouble."

I think that it doesn't really play a big roll in thous things. But if you want to make it playing that big roll I think that you can have lots of sex apps but I don't think that would be so helpful but it's ok

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Pretty sure most of the people here don't have sex life :D Porn doesn't count.. :-))))
For the topic: It's always nice to get naked pictures from your GF.. Keeps the relationship hot and makes you wanna see your girl :-))

There might be a conversation to be had about this subject, but not here.... I could have visited iMore my entire life and not needed this post. Sex sells (drive site traffic, whatever) but come on, guys...not here. Keep the bar high. I'd rather see a post on the changes, fixes coming in 7.1 or the horrible music app performance. Add to my iDevice experience not inquire about if I ever sext....

I think all the prudes with the negative comments about one little post need to lighten up a bit--sheesh!

Agree. They need to not get their panties in such a wad over one article... Or even better not read said article. Nobody forces you to read and comment every article

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Being able to picture message things from love quotes to jokes and personal photos has been the most revolutionary part of communicating with the other sex. Whether it be with your with your significant other or someone you just met.