Temple Run 2 update bounds forth with Easter theme, cloud syncing

Temple Run 2 update bounds forth with Easter theme

Temple Run 2 has a colorful new update for Easter! Players can now unlock bunny ears for their various endless-running heroes, and collect eggs rather than coins on their route. Besides the holiday theme, Temple Run 2 has also added cloud saving support, which is hugely important when playing between your iPhone and iPad. At the end of every run, there’s also a new wheel spin that potentially provides you with new power-ups (including some limited-time Easter holiday artifacts).

Temple Run 2 remains one of the most popular endless runners out there, thanks to breakneck speeds, polished 3D graphics, and a certain goofy charm. Temple runners, what’s your high score?

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Temple Run 2 update bounds forth with Easter theme, cloud syncing


I'm glad they finally added the iCloud sync support. I recently sent them an email about in February at about this time about this much requested feature. I checked and it is automatically on.

It doesn't seem to sync coins and gems. Is that a bug or as designed? Unfortunately, I have seen that behavior on other games - they sync progress but not currency.