Ten 1 shows off Fling thumbsticks for iPad gaming - TiPb at CES 2011

Ten 1 design branching out from the Pogo stylus and at CES 2011 we got to see their new Fling thumbstick attachments for iPad in full on gaming action. Simple but genius, they stick to your iPad via suction cups and once you orient them on top of the virtual thumb pads for arcade or first-person shooters, they become a capacitive conduit to give you tactile feedback and full control. They're even engineered to return to the center whenever you relax the pressure, just like a real thumbstick.

Check out the video above and let us know if you'd consider getting these thumbsticks for your iPad!

[Ten 1 Design]

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Mr.mars says:

This is soooo cool btw... 1st!!!

frozencloud says:

nice concept...but it have something that can be used for streetfighter or emulator games would be more awesome

Tre says:

suction cups may not work so well if you have a non-glare screen protector... suction cups are not very reliable in general.

dan says:

Another amazing add-on to the iPad! Can't wait to use this!

Jmanorama says:

That's so awesome!! Now we need a mini version for iPhones and iPod Touches!