Ten One Design shows off the Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 pressure-sensitive stylus

Ten One Design released their Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 pressure sensitive stylus before CES 2013 -- and we have a full review on the way -- but they still showed up to show it off at the show. (Isn't English fun?)

Thanks to BT 4.0's low energy requirement and fast connection ability, the Pogo Connect gets found and setup by apps that support it nearly instantly, and a single battery can power it through weeks and weeks of stylus fun.

So, rather than build in a digitizer like Samsung did with the Galaxy Note series or Wacom does with their device, Apple has left the iPhone minimal for those who don't need more, and let smart people make smart accessories for those that do. Pressure sensitivity gets offloaded from the tablet to the stylus.

As an artist, and someone who used Wacom for a long time in the design world, I'm all over this. Anyone else?

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Reader comments

Ten One Design shows off the Pogo Connect Bluetooth 4.0 pressure-sensitive stylus


I just got mine and it's better than using a stylus without the pressure-sensitive capability, but I wasn't all that impressed when I tried it with Paper and Noteshelf. I'll have to try it with Procreate, though.

I look forward to the full review Rene. I have been rather disappointed with it. I have been using for two months with Paper, Noteshelf, and PDF Pen and can see no difference between lines drawn with the pen or a finger.