Terminator Salvation iPhone Game Trailer

With the release of Terminator Salvation only a few short weeks away -- May 21st to be exact -- Gameloft has gone and sent TiPb the very visually-pleasing trailer for their new iPhone game tie-in.

This game looks to be the most impressive iPhone game to date, we can only hope that the controls will be half as good.

There is no word on pricing (We'd expect it to be in the $9.99 price range.) or a release date but you can only assume it should be hitting the App Store on or around the movie's theatrical release.

As for the movie, it is looking pretty decent, if you can get past the PG-13 rating...

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Reader comments

Terminator Salvation iPhone Game Trailer


Maybe I'm being a complainer, but I'm really not feeling these iPhone games. I love a ton of apps...but the games kind of make me angry.
NGage anyone?

Gameloft are in my opinion the only company to have gotten any games, beyond basic "puzzle" type things, right. However it looks like they've gone with the "Brothers in Arms" control setup - and that simply made BIA unplayable

When is apple going to fix iphone's speed problems.... Sometimes things run great and other times things just crash or are so slow it's unplayable.

Not all games are slow, Just downloaded assassin's creed and Tiger woods. Both play fantastically. Special mention to the Tiger woods game, what a fantastic game! It plays almost exactly as nicely as it does on the PS3 version apart from graphics wise. Well done EA!

I disagree with Sam. I don't have BIA but I have Hero of Sparta and the controls are easy to use and playability for a mobile device is fantastic. I'm sure Gameloft will make the controls as easy and the playability as much fun and challenging -- graphics look awesome.
Also, Sam, Apple is supposedly launching their next-gen iPhone next month. Stay tuned...

Sam...how about rebooting your iphone before playing??
And comparing iphone games scene to ngage crap can only be a joke

I have go say the BIA controls were not the best. But with Hero of Sparta and Assassin's Creed Gameloft has really stepped up their controls and grasp of the virtual analog stick. I have no problems with those games. Ign.com had a hands on preview of Terminator from Gameloft and said the controls were fine if you can handle those games.
After you install any major game like this make sure to reset your iPhone to eliminate any possible slow down or crashes. Gameloft's games are very polished and I don't know if I have had them slow or crash once. They are way out in front on iPhone game development.

Yeah, its up to the developer to use the iPhone's resources carefully. Its not Apple's fault that some games are slow.