The iPhone 3G Giveaway Continues, As Does the Wait-a-Thon

As Rene mentioned over the weekend, the iPhone 2G has just turned one year old, we here at TiPb look to the future, though, and the future looks great. Great enough that we're still planning on giving away an iPhone 3G to one lucky winner who's made at least 20 posts in our iPhone Forums. Grab the full contest details here. Even better - when you visit the forums from your iPhone you should see a big ol' "iPhone Version" that lets you interact with the forums via an iPhone interface. Don't like it? The option to switch back is on the bottom of the iPhone version. What are you waiting for? Go on and register, post, and possibly win!

Also notable, you can now get your iPhone Blog six ways from Sunday. Ok, just two ways. You can now just punch in into your browser to be brought to our main page. Easy, no? We're not bringing out an iPhone version of the blog proper just yet -- when we find / develop a verison that's both fast and usable enough you'll be the first to know.

Meanwhile, there's only a couple weeks left now in the iPhone Wait-a-Thon, wherein we give away an iTunes Gift card worth $100 to somebody who's commented on a Wait-a-Thon-tagged post (like, you know, this one). Details and rules here. Congrats to our latest winners, Tom, Mark, and Rafael. Your Gift Cards forthcoming just as soon as we convince Apple we're not trying to defraud them by buying too many gift cards.

So with just a couple weeks left, we gotta ask: What's your game plan for July 11th?. Rumor has it the launch will happen at 8 in the morning, so will you be camping out the night before? Sitting at home and pretending your iPhone 2G hasn't been replaced with newer, faster, better, more? Answer in the comments for a chance to win!

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Dieter Bohn

Dieter Bohn is former editor-in-chief of Smartphone Experts, writing across iMore, Windows Phone Central, Android Central, and more. You can find him on Twitter (and everywhere else) @backlon.

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The iPhone 3G Giveaway Continues, As Does the Wait-a-Thon


I'll be sitting at home. Hopefully getting mine via UPS on the 10th... (Wishful thinking on my part) Family friend works in Cupertino.

Trying to get the IT folks to get my Exchange set up after my 2.0 upgrade. Oh, and probably helping a friend who's totally going to get a 3G set his up!

I'm not waiting in line but I want to get the phone on the 11th if at all possible. I found a new AT&T store that few people seem to know about yet (and is far enough out of the way that hopefully people won't flock there), so I'm hoping I'll be able to walk in and get one. I'll probably follow the blogs/forums and see what people are reporting. If it's too crazy I'll just wait a few days (although I'm leaving shortly thereafter and I want it before I leave).

Hopefully the supply of 3Gs will be plentiful (unlike finding a Wii, which I liken to catching a leprechaun). Dieter, I just might have to cave in and upgrade given that AT&T said I could :)

Downloading v2 software on my old iPhone. Maybe buy something from the App Store if it's online and something cheap catches my eye. I'm going to wait a bit and see how the reviews come in before committing to AT&T (again) for the iPhone 3G.

I'm with Badmofo, I'll be trying to get my in-house IT guru to set up my corporate email after the 2.0 software upgrade (which, hopefully, will hit prior to July 11 - fingers crossed). I'm jealous of Bad Ash, lucky!

Whoever wins this 3G iPhone or the 100$ gift card is a very lucky person:P. I never won anything like this!!! But there is always a first time.
I can't understand people who will sleep outside of stores to buy something first. It's like if they won't get it right away they will kill themselves!! Can't you wait a day or a two?

Going to relatively small local ATT COR store around 10:30 or 11:00 (assuming they open in the morning). Hopefully by then the initial line will be more manageable and beat the lunch crowd.
That is assuming I can force myself to wait until 10:30...

On the 11th I will be glued to the computer with a slight tear rolling slowly down my cheek as I read blogs and news reports of people picking up their iPhone and the new secrets they are discovering (please let there be secrets!)
I will be waiting until my day comes (the 17th) then doing a victory dance all the way to AT&T.
Who knows.. maybe I'll wear a dress and heels... nah.

I think I will wait at least a week to see what other people say about it that buy it earlier. I am not the type to camp out for anything.

I'm probably driving out to the nearest Apple store for 6 AM, checking how long the line is, then deciding whether I should go have some breakfast at a nearby McDonald's or just stand in line awaiting the imminent release. Then shelling out the $200 along with the extra $30 for data and playing with my new shiny device for the rest of the day.

I'll try to get to the apple store by 6 or 7 am, if it looks too crazy I might walk down to the AT&T store. Otherwise I'm going to wait in line. I've been waiting since April so I'm kinda going nuts right now. Plus this will be my first iPhone, I've had a samsung flip phone for the past 8 months and I've been coveting this thing for so long! Just another week...

I'll be on vacation in Philadelphia, where there are several Apple and AT&T stores. I don't know if I want to waste half a day of vacation just to stand in line and get the new iPhone. I may end up doing that or I might wait a couple days and hope they don't run out of stock.

I'll likely go to the local AT&T store at about 6 AM. If there's a line I'll join it. If not, I'll go to the Starbucks across the street with my laptop for a while then line up again closer to the scheduled opening time.

Already took off work July 11th. I waited in line over 6 hours last year, I doubt that the launch will be @ 8AM. I'm thinking it'll be the usual 6PM, either time I'll be there. 3G & GPS is gonna be sweet. Great podcast guys!

Im going to be thinking about getting my iphone on teh 11th the ENTIRE DAY at work. adn then waking up nice an early to get to the apple store first on saturday morning. the mall by me doesnt open until 10, so ill probably get there at 8:30. I hope the line wont be too long on the second day. its going to be killing me the entire night on the 11th saying to myself, WHY DIDNT I GO GET IT? but i will be a day 2 buyer.

I will be at home loading V2.0 onto my current iPhone and reading all about the new one here;)
I probably will then start downloading some new apps from the app store!!

the game plan . . . though i would LOVE to wait in line (honestly i really would love to be around people who love apple just as much as me). I'll most likely be stuck at home, waiting for my mom to get ready, then it's off to AT&T to get my forthcoming birthday present. WOOT! Until then, i'm reading up on the phone, watching YouTube videos, leaving comments, even going to the AT&T store and playing with 1st gen. iPhones . . . anything to satisfy my obsession over this phone.
Still nothing seems to make the time pass faster . . . maybe the $100 for iTunes would take my mind off of this phone (but i'm thinking nothing can at this point). I have the count down widget and now that this comment is done i only have 10 days 7 hours 55 minutes and 15 seconds more to wait.

I'm waiting a few weeks until the rush wears off before making a decision. In all likelihood I'll stick with my 1st gen iphone and use the 2.0 firmware to keep me entertained. All you iphone 3G early adopters will be envious when the real next-gen iphone launches next year.

Patrick . . . i actually found it to be the complete opposite (the whole AT&T stores selling out of the iPhone). The day it came out last year i was at the Arizona Mills mall in Chandler and i was expecting them to only have like a couple 4 Gigs left . . . i asked if they had any more 8 Gigs. they told me that they had sold about 4 or 5 iPhones in total. So i think that you'll be safer going to AT&T.
Good luck though :)
LOL, That was the day that i was offered a job at that location as an iPhone expert because i knew so much about the phone. I was only 15 (and i lived in another city) at the time so they just gave me a name tag and some free ringtones. hehehe.

is anyone else not happy with AT&T's plans...not only do you have to pay $30 for unlimited data which is not bad but also $20 for unlimited texting and $9.99 to be able to use the 3G's new GPA feature.

My plan is to wait until the evening (no choice actually... work) and try my luck. If that fails, I have heard rumors that the second shipment will arrive as early as the 12th, so I will try again that day. If I don't snag one on "opening weekend," I will wait until Wednesday, and if I fail again, the following weekend.
The conditions for failure aren't exclusive to them being sold out though. The lines will play a HUGE roll in when I buy. If the in-store activation turns out to be true for everyone, and it really is 10 minutes per phone, and I find myself towards the back of the line... I will just pack it up and go another day.
I really would like to get one on launch day, but I am happy as long as it is within the first week.
Outside of that... I would like to pass a HUGE thank you to The iPhone Blog as a whole for the gift certificate. I was having a craptastic day and that email really helped to brighten things up a bit. Thanks guys!

I live in NY so I will go to apple store around 2-3 AM on July 12, no line, my new Iphone in packet. Apple store in NY works 24/7

I'm going to be kicking back and watching all the live blogs to see just how smoothly or horribly slow the in-store activation goes. Also kicking back to see everybody's impression of the fit and finish of the new phone.

If the phone comes out at 8am, then I'll probably get to either an AT&T store or an Apple Store (I haven't decided on which yet, but I'm leaning AT&T) at around 10-11 or so, hoping that I don't have to wait too long before I finally have one of these things in my hands. Luckily, I don't have to be at work until 12:30.
If the phone comes out at 6pm, then it's going to be a LOOOONG workday, and probably A LOT of waiting in a line that evening.

I would like to go at 8:00am to an AT&T store because I figure it'd be less crowded then an Apple. But I'll probably won't be able to make it until noon. I would rather it go on sale at 6:00pm like last year, because then I don't have to worry about it being sold out. Hopefully it won't be like when the first iPhone came out. I waited in line for 5 hours last year!

It's like waiting for Christmas in one way, and Black Friday in another (Christmas = the anticipation and excitement, Black Friday = how early do I start online and will it be there when I get in the door?) Your prize money would really help to!!! Thanks for the fun...

What's my game plan? I go to work, then I leave at noon and get in my car and drive to suburban Chicago, and have a little vacation.
Maybe I'll update my phone to 2.0 at work if it's available in the morning (seems likely.)
The only thing I buy on the day it's available is an OS update or a CD.

I'll be waiting outside of AT&T before 8am! The wait is killing me, as this is my first iPhone. I resisted when the first generation came out, because I knew that within a year a newer (3G!) model would be available. I'm glad I waited!!! Come on July 11th! You can't come soon enough!!!

It's about time! I'm jumping on board the iPhone train on July 11. Until then, I've been managing with my LG enV, with it's craptacular web browser. Because I've been licking up every bit of iPhone-related news/rumor/post, I've wanted to read it at all times, but because TiPB didn't have a mobile version, I realistically couldn't read it on my current phone. Only 10 days until iDay 2.0, but at least I'll be able to get my TiPB fix on my mobile until then. Better late than never!

I love this site! At firsti was so confused about which new phone to get Blackberry bold or iphone 3g now i know which one to get!Thanks you guys for helping me out.
I can't wait to get my iphone !!! =] Hopefully I win! :D

I'll probably show up at the closest ATT store at 10AM, hoping there isn't a line of more than 5 people, and that there are still phones.

I'M STILL WAITING!!!! I know it's stupid, but I can barely stand it!!! Did AT&T's Direct Fulfilment (HA, what a joke, it's anything but direct!)
Anyway, maybe it will be shipped this week, which would make a three-week wait worth it. Alas and alack...

It sounds like you're creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.