The Road Map Announcement is Today, Late Rumors

MacScoop [via] drops some new rumors just hours before the Roadmap event. Biggest piece of news is that applications will have access to the EDGE radio, contrary to previous rumors. Also: Apple gets a cut of application sales - color us shocked. Lastly, development needs to happen on a Mac, obviously, with an updated version of XCode

We weren't invited to the fancy-pants event, but that doesn't mean we won't be watching it with our beady little eyes. Check back at the main page a sometime during and definitely after, though, for some color commentary and a wrap of of the whole deal. Here are some folks who will be there:

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The Road Map Announcement is Today, Late Rumors


Interesting nugget on Macbreak Weekly this week, with one of Scott's connections pointing him to an AT&T page that says account info is only available via 3G or EDGE iPhone...
Yup, they are rumormongering that Apple may pre-announce 3G today prior to FCC process...