These sunglasses have an embedded iBeacon so you'll never leave them behind

Tzukuri iBeacon sunglasses

Eyewear maker Tzukuri has announced that they'll be kicking off a crowdfunding campaign for Bluetooth-enabled shades with full iBeacon support. That way you'll get a ping on your iPhone when you forget your fancy glasses behind. Similarly, your iPhone will ring and buzz loudly if you walk away from your iPhone with your glasses on your head to make sure you don't forget it.

The glasses will be solar-powered to keep the Bluetooth LE chip going, and will even transmit data to iPhone owners when they're on store shelves, waiting to be sold. As is, the Tzukuri connected glasses won't have any prescription options, but that's in the works for the future.

It's refreshing to see some connected glasses that are trying to be sensible eyewear first and connected second, for a change. Many implementations, such as Google Glass, put the technology first, which leads to a lot of innovation, but also a lot of goofy-looking early adopters.

The Tzuruki sunglasses are available for pre-order now for $250 are projected to be shipping by December or January. Any takers? You can find more information at Tzuruki.

via: 9to5Mac

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These sunglasses have an embedded iBeacon so you'll never leave them behind


I don't like the looks of the ones in the pic, but if they make wrap style I like for closer to $100 USD, I'd be interested!

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Awesome idea- although hopefully they have more than just one style to choose from... These pictured aren't so cool IMO

They come in 6 different designs and 3 sizes according to the website. Apparently each of them were mathematically designed in a way that conforms with the geometry of various face shapes so that they suit "more faces more harmoniously". Sounds pretty cool. I struggle to find glasses that fit me all the time..

You can also find identical designs on which are original designs.
Allen you're one of the directors of the above and apparently mathematically designed equates to copy and paste.
IP violation.

The beacon feature seems awfully ambitious, at least in frames that look like the ones pictured. The picture of a ruler and a BLE module they show on the website isn't of any BLE module I'm aware of... a rough search shows they get as small as 5x5mm, but 1x2mm this year? Add a conservative solar panel & reservoir battery to a 5x5mm and up package and you're going to have a bulge somewhere on the glasses.

I'd love to be proven wrong (does anyone know what that BLE module is?), but cavet preorderer...

Yeah I don't know how their gonna do it. But the picture on the tech bit of their site makes it seem more like a 4x6mm chip no? Are you looking at a different pic?