Thetrainline updated for iPhone 5 support, tickets on your phone coming soon

For UK commuters who use the train a lot, thetrainline for iPhone is one of those must have apps, and today it has been updated to finally support the 4-inch display on the iPhone 5. Better still, we're told that the ability to have your tickets sent straight to your phone is coming soon.

Finally fitting the iPhone 5 display properly is pleasing, but it's what's to come that's really interesting. There's no mention of how the tickets will be sent to your iPhone, though we can only hope that it happens through Passbook integration. But, for regular train users this is sure to be of interest, though it means an end to inserting your ticket in the barriers to exit the station.

The last time this app was updated was way back in November 2012, so we're certainly overdue. Also included in todays update are improved station lists, and an improved journey search that lets you use trains that have already departed -- perhaps even with you on it. It's also been given a little bit of spit and polish, and refreshed the design a little. I buy all my train tickets through thetrainline, so I'm really excited about getting my tickets sent to my iPhone down the line. How about you?

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Reader comments

Thetrainline updated for iPhone 5 support, tickets on your phone coming soon


Tickets have to inserted when entering / exiting stations though ... ?? How will that work if you don't have a paper ticket?

The ticket barriers actually have a barcode scanner built in. So, very much finally I won't have to carry about rubbish bits of cardboard.

Buy your tickets from a train operator website - East Coast seems to have the best and you can still get the advance pricing and pickup at station or delivery, but you don't have to pay any delivery, transaction, or credit card fee! No need to use thetrainline. :)

Also iPhone tickets have already launched on the Chiltern Railways line I believe, they've added barcode scanners to the ticket barriers (like on the Eurostar ones) so still no need for a person!