Things 2 brings twice the task management power to iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Things 2 brings twice the task management power to iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Things, one of the best and most popular pro-level task management apps for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac has -- finally -- been updated to version 2.0. The rap on Cultured Code, Things' developer, is that they've always made truly fantastic products, but have been incredibly slow to update them, especially when it comes to high-priority features like sync. Well, Things 2 brings their implementation of icoud sync out of beta and into the full release, for the full Things family, for the full range Things users.

And it, and Things 2 in general, looks really, really good.

With Things 2 you get the new Daily Review section, purpose-built so you can easily, glance-ably see everything you need to do in the very near future. There's also a new scrolling date picker, and a new, de-cluttered look that increases content and decreases chrome. You can now move to-dos to a log book as soon as you complete them, or even cancel them with a tap-and-hold, and a lot more.

It's a major update, and one that's more than likely going to have us updating our recent OmniFocus vs. Todo vs. Things iPhone task management app shootout.

You can grab the full suite of Things 2.0 apps, for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and Mac, via the links below. Then let us know what you think of the new package.

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Reader comments

Things 2 brings twice the task management power to iPhone, iPad, and Mac


I agree with you that the pricing seems extreme, especially since you can find tons of software out there that is cheaper and likely just as hard to program.

But for this type of app it is may favorite. It has a simple, efficient design that makes managing project tasks a breeze. I use it more than any other tool because you can get in and out without a ton of keystrokes, mousing and fiddling about.

If they cut the price in half then it would be more realistic. It appears that they priced it based on the size of the device and not the coding effort. Size really matters to these people.

Still missing Remember The Milk. Since the huge update for tue ipad a while ago it is the best task manager around.

It's about time. This update is a loooooong time coming. Now, maybe they can tell us what Project Troy is all about.