Third Eye Crime crosses puzzle and stealth with film noir and psychics on iOS

Third Eye Crime just hit the App Store today, offering a refreshing mix of stealth and line-tracing puzzle gaming. Players have to guide a psychic detective/burglar through some particularly sticky situations. This involves drawing a path through a winding maze so that patrolling goons don't catch you on the way to the exit.

Though they've got guns, alarms, and fast feet, you can sense exactly where they're looking and where they're going to be looking for you next. Try to pick up loot along the way, get to the exit fast in as few lines as possible, and don't be seen in order to earn bonus achievements.

I got my first glimpse of this one back at GDC 2013, and it looked immediately promising. The film noir, graphic novel style of the whole affair is quite unique and likely to attract a more mature crowd, though the psychic twist is certainly new. The core $2.99 game includes the first act, which is about 40-odd levels spread between three chapters. You can unlock other acts for $1.99 or the whole thing for $4.99, and you can buy optional psychic power-ups through in-app purchases.

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Third Eye Crime crosses puzzle and stealth with film noir and psychics on iOS