Thor: The Dark World game coming to iOS this fall, here are your trailer and screenshots!

Gameloft has announced that - of course - they'll be bringing an adaption of Marvel and Disney's upcoming Thor sequel, Thor: The Dark World to iOS along with the movie this fall. The movie, a follow up to the Avengers as much as the original film, sees Thor facing off against the dark elf, Malekith the Accursed. Hammer-smashing action and adventure is almost certain to follow.

I remember Malekith best from Walk Simonson's epic run on Thor, which crescendoed with Ragnarok'n'Roll and showed how to do it right, for Odin, for Asgard, and for Loki himself. It's too early to tell how well Thor 2 will capture that spirit, but I enjoyed the first Thor movie - I did! Deal with it! - and I'm looking forward to this one.

As to Gameloft, they're past masters at knocking out just these exact types of adaptions. I've liked some more than others, but my godkids keep playing the Iron Man and Spider-Man ones because they love the characters and the gameplay is easy and engaging enough for them to enjoy. Hopefully this will be more of the same.

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Thor: The Dark World game coming to iOS this fall, here are your trailer and screenshots!

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