Thousands of job seekers line up at Foxconn ahead of rumored iPad mini and iPhone 5 production.

Thousands of job seekers line up at Foxconn ahead of rumored iPad mini and iPhone 5 production.Thousands of Chinese job seekers lined up outside Foxconn’s Chengdu plant where a huge summer recruitment drive is taking place. Foxconn is apparently looking to take on a large number of new employee’s for the summer months not only at its Chengdu plant but also at the Zhengzhou plant too. The information comes from a report by MIC Gadget.

Heavy rains have battered Chengdu over the past few days, but this won’t stop young jobseekers lining up for Foxconn summer jobs at the Foxconn plant in Chengdu. Thousands of people were lining up, and they were armed with rain gear and umbrellas, standing out in the rain just for a chance to audition.

Many Chinese jobseekers want those jobs at Foxconn. Apparently, the Foxconn plant in Chengdu is hiring now for summer jobs – and according to our sources, the plant is hiring a large number of summer workers, which may still have openings. What’s more, the young jobseekers are required to submit a registration fee of 150 Chinese yuan (about $24) before he/she could apply for the summer job. And there’s a requirement for applying the job, you need to have good eyesight.

It is thought that the recruitment in Chengdu is for the production of the rumored iPad mini while the extra employees in Zhengzhou will be for the next generation iPhone 5. If both of these product are due to be launched in October, it would make sense that they were being produced very soon, if not already. When Apple launches a new device, it always hits store shelves within a few weeks; to meet the huge demand, Apple needs a huge stockpile of devices prior to that date.

One thing is for sure, it is going to be a very exciting last quarter of the year; especially if we do get to see an iPad mini as well as the iPhone 5. If you only have the budget for one device, which one would you get?

Source: MIC gadget

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Thousands of job seekers line up at Foxconn ahead of rumored iPad mini and iPhone 5 production.


I have budget for both, but I would only get the new iPhone. I am completely content with my 'new iPad' and I think it is the perfect size for what I utilize it for (productivity).

I'll be getting the new iPhone (my iP4 contract just ended and I love my full size iPad), but what blows me away in this story is the $24 registration fee. That's a fairly significant amount of money for a Chinese worker - especially one that is currently not working. And the way the story reads, they may not get it back if they aren't hired. I would love to hear Foxconn's justification for that fee. You know they are making obscene amounts of money (at least by Chinese standards) as the primary worldwide supplier of "iDevices", and their costs are relativly low. Do they really need to bleed people wanting to work for them for what is probably around thier first week's paycheck? If the money goes to feed and give people a place to sleep during the process (and maybe a t-shirt), I would understand, but if it's just a pure profit revenue stream for Foxconn, then *that* is what needs to be investigated.