Threes! is what every indie App Store game should be!

Threes! is what every indie App Store game should be — no ads, no IAP, and no freaky, flappy bird!

Threes!, a new math-based puzzle game from Asher Vollmer, Greg Wohlwend, and Jimmy Hinson has no ads, no in-app purchases, and no glitchy, flappy, freaking birds!

The gist of Threes! is simple — swipe the screen to bring up number tiles, and keep swiping combine ones and twos to make threes, and combine pairs of numbers three and above to add them together into a single, higher value tile. Of course, every time you swipe you create more tiles, so you have to combine them just as fast, if not faster. That's because, if the screen fills up, your game is done.

Threes! is hooked into Game Center so you get leaderboards achievements and all the other trimmings. Mostly what you get, however, is good, clean, paid-up-front fun. And sadly, increasingly, that's priceless.

Threes! is perfectly conceived and brilliantly executed. It's what more indie games on the App Store should be. If you haven't tried it yet, but it now while it's on sale. If you have, tell me how you like it, and let me know your score so far!

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Reader comments

Threes! is what every indie App Store game should be!


Well those flappy birds are making a killing in daily ad revenue, and it seems to be working out for many

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Hilarious. The number of people who downloaded, tried, and deleted Flappy Birds within 5 minutes, is astounding.

Similarly astounding is the number of people who are incredibly good at it. I'm doing cartwheels just having made it to 14. I know some who are in the 50s or more.

Yes, I don't buy any game / app which includes ads, in-app purchases, and glitchy, flappy, freaking birds!

And, this game is truly PRICELESS!

Apps supported by ads enrage me because the ad data makes the app bloat. This app is praise worthy and all developers should take note.

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I don't mind ads if I can turn them off via IAP, but most people are happy to leave the ads on and save a buck, which is insane to me. (Developers can't make money offering no ads as an IAP.)

Thanks for the tip. This game is great, and certainly lowers the stress induced by that damn flappy bird.

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