Thurrott'ling Logos: MobileMe vs. Windows Me

Paul Thurrott: Windows Me vs. Mobile Me

Out of the closest iPhone lover and WinSuperSite maven Paul Thurrott once again proved a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to just some of the complaints TiPb and our readers have leveled at the new MobileMe branding.

Particularly poignant, coming from the man behind the site in front of Windows, the above logos show how linking The Next Big Thing to The Last (Before Vista) Big Flop maybe wasn't the best marketing discussion in the world.

In related news, what does Thurrott think of the new iPhone 3G?

I'd like to point out a simple bit of advice, and I cannot stress this enough: You need to get an iPhone. Sooner rather than later. With Apple dropping the entry price on this innovative device to just $200, while fixing all of the major issues I described in How Apple Can Fix the iPhone in 2008, there are precious few reasons to ignore this seismic shift in mobile and cloud computing. (One potential reason is the cost of the data plan: It looks like the minimum monthly outlay for an iPhone in the US is going to be $70 before taxes, about $10 more than it was before.) I've said it before and I'll say it again: The iPhone is a dramatically important computing platform and one you should not ignore. Trust me, once you've used an iPhone, that Blackberry or Windows Mobile device you're settling on now will seem like ancient Soviet-era technology by comparison.

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Thurrott'ling Logos: MobileMe vs. Windows Me

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I must say I felt the same way about the name, but I have talked with a number of non-techies (or should I say non-geeks) and they love the name... they don't remember the Microsquish ME version, in fact none of them even knew it existed - they bypassed it altogether!
I think that this is going to be a HUGE revenue generator for Apple, if you aren't on an Exchange server, you are going to want to be on MobileMe, at $100 / year! Times how many millions of iPhones? Wow!