Thursday Fun Video: Rainbow/Unibody iPhone Concept Renderings

If it's May, it must be pre-WWDC insanity season, and TiPb is expecting lots of leaks, fake leaks, and fake fake leaks. Also, lots of fun fanboi renderings like the videos embedded above and after the break, courtesy of Business Insider.

Not real, no way, but are these anything like the iPhonechromatic or Unibody models you'd like to see Apple release at some point?

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Reader comments

Thursday Fun Video: Rainbow/Unibody iPhone Concept Renderings


2nd video is really awesome.. i love the back cover, it reflects the light very nice..

WTF is up with the thing near the bottom of back of the iphones in the first video?? it looks really tacky....

I don't like the first one. Too many fruity colors. Leave that up to the Nano line.
The second video however is SEXY. It looks very BB Bold-esque so it's probably not going to happen.

The second video is reeeeally nice (except I'd prefer an all-aluminum backing) but I see no reason to upgrade my 3G until there is a front-facing camera and video recording/chatting support.

I love the unibody iPhone. Ive long been a fan of just about every "unibody" mock up that i have seen. I am so captivated by it that i went and did a little research, as some of you probably already have, but here is the link to the videos and even more pics on Flickr. Hope you all enjoy and lets hope maybe the new iphone will look something similar...HOPE!

What is all this unibody nonsense?
The second video is virtually indistinguishable from the current phone, other than being thicker and less sleek.
How does that qualify as unibody by any definition of the word?
The first video looks like a throwback to the First iPhone.
I'd like to see a Kindle-like display on the back, something that takes almost zero power but can display badges and alerts, and Number of Emails, Time/Temp and similar relatively static info so you don't have to turn the phone on to see whats going on. Apple is "Wasting the Back", and painting it another color does not count as an improvement in my book.

:lol: I was thinking the same thing about the second video. It looks like a 3G that someone shot just to see if anyone would notice a difference. :lol:

I do like the Idea of having your choice of colors "fruity" as they may be. and this fruit likes color! Not a big fan of the idea to put a mini screen on the back, that seems silly to me. the phone does a great job of letting me know "what's going on" as is. A second screen is more hardware to try and fit in a tight space. to me the trade off is not worth it. I like simple clean and straight forward design. no clutter. hate having all the extra buttons and screens and flips and keyboards...blah blah.
actually I like the look and feel of the first IPhone. if they offered that with the new features I would buy that without even blinking. I love Aluminum. hate the plastic.

I don't like the idea of a back screen either. I also don't like the plastic very much either but reception is much improved over the original iPhone on the 3G version. I think that given Apple's green initiatives they may try to move back toward an aluminum design but there will have to plastic on it somewhere to allow for the wireless signals to transfer, perhaps something akin to the iPod Touch with a small plasic window somewhere on the device. All of this unibody talk though is silly. The current iPhone is one piece of plasic on the back, one piece of glass on the front with a metal border. You can't get much more simple than that.

I also think that they will try to reduce the distance between the top and bottom of the screen and the top and bottom of the phone. That would make the screen that much more of a focus on the device and make it look that much more streamlined. Can't wait for WWDC!!

Pink iPhone FTW!!!
Maybe the plastic that the unibody iPhone would need could be the Apple logo. I've never seen an iPod touch in person but the plastic window looks small. Just a thought.