TI announces iBeacon support across its Bluetooth portfolio

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There are a few solutions for deploying iBeacons in a venue, but Texas Instruments is striving to make it even easier with their newly updated SimpleLink SensorTag and reference designs for the Bluetooth beacons. TI is also rolling out support for iBeacons across their entire Bluetooth low-energy portfolio. But for those that don't want to take the raw chips and radios to build their own modules, TI's SensorTag is a "low cost, small form-factor broadcaster reference design" that can be deployed as a whole unit.

In addition to the SensorTag iBeacons, TI also has a SensorTag app for iOS that's meant for the deployer of the iBeacons, whomever that may be, to upload a floor plan and mark and tag the SensorTags on that floor plan for easy management of the whole system.

The app provides feedback on how near you are to the SensorTags and can launch a user-specified URL when you are in the immediate vicinity of a SensorTag. Additionally, existing SensorTags can be updated with the latest SensorTag App through an over-the-air upgrade to be compatible with iBeacon technology.

But if you are the roll-your-own-iBeacon type, TI has you covered there too with the SimpleLink CC2543. It's a small coin cell battery-sized low-power Bluetooth reference design platform for iBeacons. The SimpleLink SensorTag is available through TI for $25, and the CC2543 development kit is $299 and comes with all the bits you'll need to built your own iBeacons.

Source: Texas Instruments

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TI announces iBeacon support across its Bluetooth portfolio


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