TiAIN Coating? $299. Turning Your iPhone to Dark Side? Priceless.


iPhone Custom is now offering to coat your iPhone in high quality TiAIN for $299.

And while $299 might sound expensive (same price as a brand new iPod Touch 8GB!), the end result looks impressive enough to tempt higher-end customers and early adapters, longing for a return of the jealous stares they got when flashing their iPhone on Day One.

Purchasing is simple: just eject your SIM, place your iPhone in a pre-labelled shipper, and send it off to iPhone Custom for your choice of black or gold glossy logo and bezel.

The process is also available for iPod Touch and 3G iPod Nano.

(via TUAW)

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TiAIN Coating? $299. Turning Your iPhone to Dark Side? Priceless.

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