Tiffen Introduces Smoothee Steadicam for iPhone 3GS


Do you have dreams of being the next Spielberg but the only video camera you own is your trusty iPhone 3GS? If this is the case you can now rest easy as Tiffen recently introduced the Smoothee Steadicam. The Smoothee utilizes a counterweight construction in the same fashion all other professional models work, just expect this to be a whole lot cheaper.

This accessory is not going to fit in your pocket or purse but we are positive some of our creative readers could put it to good use. No release date or price are available at the moment but you can see it in action after the break!

[via Engadget]

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Reader comments

Tiffen Introduces Smoothee Steadicam for iPhone 3GS


is it just me or is this the stupidest idea ever? Why the hell would I want a super low resolution steadycam and why the heck would I want to carry this around? If I was serious about video I'd want this at least hooked up to an HD Flip or something rather than my iPhone. Seems like a waste of money unless you can use this with something a bit more impressive than an iPhone. I thought the whole point was portability...

I agree, how much is this peice of junk....might be worth getting if there is an attachment for those small HD cams. People would look like a total fanboy sporting this hardware in public.

I would totally buy that in a sec! In fact I am looking for one to buy right now! If you find one for the iphone4 twitter me @candiCunningham I have a ton of friends that would love that thing!