Tim Cook and Larry Page reportedly talking patent resolution

Tim Cook and Larry Page reportedly talking patent resolution

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, and Google CEO, Larry Page, have reportedly talked on the phone concerning the ongoing patent disputes involving the iPhone and iPad maker, and various Android manufacturers. Reuters' Alexei Oreskovic and Poornima Gupta claim the breaksclusive:

Google Inc CEO Larry Page and Apple CEO Tim Cook have been conducting behind-the-scenes conversations about a range of intellectual property matters, including the ongoing mobile patent disputes between the companies, according to people familiar with the matter. The two chief executives had a phone conversation last week, the sources said. Discussions involving lower-level officials of the two companies are also ongoing.

Both mens' predecessors, Steve Jobs of Apple and Eric Schmidt of Google, began the now long-standing feud when Google switched from making a BlackBerry competitor to making an iPhone competitor, and Schmidt left his spot as a member of Apple's board of directors. Jobs later called Android "stolen property" that was being "promiscuously" given away, and threatened to go "thermonuclear" on it. Tim Cook, for his part, has said Apple can't be the developer for the world, and that other companies will have to invent their own stuff.

Google has traditionally been eschewed intellectual property rights enforcement, no prosecuting their own IP but also not always respecting the IP of others. Recently, however, they've begun more aggressive litigation using their newly acquired Motorola division as a spearhead.

Neither overly broad patents nor overly close copying help drive innovation, so anything that moves a settlement forward, Cook and Page on the phone included, is best for the industry and consumers.

Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt once famously had coffee and settled nothing. That was then. Let's hope this is now. Especially when companies like Samsung are getting hit with billion dollar willful infringement verdicts.

Source: Reuters

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Reader comments

Tim Cook and Larry Page reportedly talking patent resolution


This may be a funny remark but somehow I could easily see this happening.

Google as a company is run like Apple was in the early days, like a frat house. Apple has now matured and means business. Google needs to stop thumbing their nose at Apple and get serious. This phone call could be the start of that. Google must learn not to bring a jelly bean, ice cream sandwich or whatever to a knife fight.

I think the call was mutual. After the jury openly stated that the parents infringed were only on the physical aspect of what Samsung had did and not the Android operating system, Apple could have realized that if Google decides to create their own hardware, they would have nothing to hold over googles head as Android hasn't infringed on any patents according to the jurors.

Google and Apple sitting in a tree, K ... I ... S ... say what?

I think this is good but doubt anything will come of it.

The jury sent a clear signal that broad patents are a valuable offensive tool -- too valuable to leave in the hands of anybody else. Everybody -- Apple, Google, Microsoft, yes, even Samsung, is going to redouble their efforts and race to file as many of these as possible, lest they be caught without a chair the next time the music stops. It is too late for anybody to play nice.

Of course, I'd love to be wrong.

"Neither overly broad patents nor overly close copying help drive innovation, so anything that moves a settlement forward, Cook and Page on the phone included, is best for the industry and consumers."

Indeed. I liked it better when Google and Apple were working together to shake up the tech space. All of this fighting is giving both a PR black eye. Apple looks litigious while Google looks hypocritical.

I don't think the issue with Samsung had anything to do with this cause if you remember Google warned Samsung about copying Apple and they did not listen. This is more of trying to coral this situation before it gets out of control and I hope they can cause this Patent abuse is getting out of control. If they start a full on war with this I can't see Apple coming out winners in this by the likes of Motorola, Google, HTC and etc.

And maybe just maybe, all of those Motorola patents that bloggers & the technoids dismissed as irrelevant (helllloooooo Florian?) have some meat to them after all. Like say the patents that Moto is using to sue Apple over Siri. Those are not FRAND pledged either. Karma is a... well it's a dirty word.

I'll repost...

Maybe Apple has found out that those Motorola patents that the blogs were so quick to dismiss as being worthless have some meat to them after all. Florian Mueller was quick to say Moto's patents were all worthless. I guess everybody forgot to look at those patents Moto is using to sue Apple over Siri. Those patents aren't FRAND pledged either.

Karma can be a dangerous thing Apple.

Actually it's my wife's iPhone 4S. I use it for this site since it's mobile version scales better in the browser. And yet mobile Safari crashed during my comment submission. Go figure.

It would be in everyone's best interest for Apple and Motorola to cross license patents and head off this lawyer driven madness. It's time for both to get back to innovating and product development. It's also time for the laziness to end.

Litigation doesn't help anyone other than lawyers. Samsung deserved a black eye for their shenanigans, but I'd much prefer Google and Apple to make amends and work closer together again for the future. Together, there's not much they couldn't achieve.

They could rule the Galaxy as Father and son....lol
Sorry that jumped to my mind after reading the last line of you post lol

So . . . How long do you think the smiles lasted?

Remember the old Chinese curse - "May you live in interesting times."