Tim Cook makes second trip to China in 10 months

Tim Cook makes second trip to China in 10 months

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is making is second trip to China in 10 months. While many details of his visit were not disclosed by Apple, it is known that he met with the head of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to discuss, among other things, Apple’s business in China, which is growing rapidly. As Bloomberg reports, Apple has almost doubled the number of stores they have in China after Cook’s last visit to the country in March, where he said that Apple would make larger investments in the country:

The Apple chief had visited China in March and pledged “greater investment” in the world’s largest market for computers and mobile phones. Since then, the Cupertino, California-based company has almost doubled its number of stores in China and Hong Kong to 11, from six at the time of Cook’s last visit.

China is an increasingly important part of Apple’s business. Apple sold two million iPhone 5 handsets in China during the device’s launch weekend last month, and they can barely keep the iPad mini stocked to meet demand. There is no doubt that Apple has more retail locations planned for China, as the stores have long been seen as one of the keys to Apple’s success in other parts of the world. There is massive potential for growth in China and Apple will do everything in their power to make sure that they reach as many customers as possible.

Source: Bloomberg

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Tim Cook makes second trip to China in 10 months


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