Tim Cook says if you can't handle environmental responsibility, get out of the AAPL

Tim Cook says if you can't handle environmental responsibility, get out of the AAPL

When Apple CEO Tim Cook was told by the National Center for Public Policy Research general council Justin Danhof that stopping Apple's environmental initiatives could lead to higher profits, Cook reportedly told them where exactly they could shove their lack of climate change responsibility. MacObserver:

"When we work on making our devices accessible by the blind," [Cook] said, "I don't consider the bloody ROI." He said that the same thing about environmental issues, worker safety, and other areas where Apple is a leader. [...] He didn't stop there, however, as he looked directly at the NCPPR representative and said, "If you want me to do things only for ROI reasons, you should get out of this stock."

Cook is known for his almost unnerving calm but obviously he — and Apple — care very deeply about social issues as well.

Update: The NCPPR has responded with an incredibly grumpy press release (likely due to their use of Comic Sans in the header?) titled 'Tim Cook to Apple Investors: Drop Dead':

"Here's the bottom line: Apple is as obsessed with the theory of so-called climate change as its board member Al Gore is," said Danhof. "The company's CEO fervently wants investors who care more about return on investments than reducing CO2 emissions to no longer invest in Apple. Maybe they should take him up on that advice."

Does Apple's conscience matter to you or would you rather they just stuck to the ones and zeroes?

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Reader comments

Tim Cook says if you can't handle environmental responsibility, get out of the AAPL


It was heartening to learn what Cook said and, compared to most large corporations, Apple leads the way, but I hope Apple becomes more aggressive in ensuring suppliers improve how they treat workers etc.

When does environmental awareness become environmental activism? Our company operated assembly lines (flow soldering and what-not...I'm not an expert) with environmental safety in mind decades ago.

This is not activism. It's just serious business acumen, knowing what goes around comes around.

What a maroon.

Bravo Mr Cook! If more corporations follow his lead, the world will be a healthier place for our future generations.

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I chuckled as the NCPPR can't refer to climate change without adding a "so-called". Glad Cook actually got angry at them. Would love to see or hear that exchange.

Well, it is "so-called", because despite what the media wants to project, there is serious disagreement on whether Earth is "warming" and even more disagreement on whether or not it is man-made. I used to be 100% convinced that there is global, man-made warming, but after reading a lot of information and explanation, as well as reading about the backtracking and agenda of many of these climate scientists, I am not sure. Add to it the facts that the northern hemisphere is having one of the coldest winters ever and that the planets temperatures haven't been following the projected models for over a decade now, and the "facts" seem to be pointing more toward a period of prolonged cooling, than permanent warming. I'd invite all of you to do more research into this and not just listen to the media. There is much more debate about this than Mr. Cook and the others want you to believe. That doesn't mean Apple isn't doing a good thing by supporting a clean environment though.

Apparently your opinion on the matter changes with the seasons too. Why should we believe you when you are "backtracking" on what you originally believed was going on?

That doesn't even make any sense. So because I did my "homework" and read into the subject, that means I am "backtracking" and shouldn't be believed? As I said, I would just invite all of you to research this a bit more, beyond what you get on the major networks and papers, and look into the agendas that some of the scientists have.

Read a peer reviewed article from a reputable scientific journal and tell me again you don't believe in climate change. LOL climate change does not mean warmer temperatures, it means larger swings in climactic variability. So one of the coldest winters ever fits that trend. Especially considering a couple years ago was one of the warmest winters.

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You act as if I care. I enjoy the snow and when it's not snowing I enjoy the sun. You guys can argue about this all you want, I could care less either way.

1 i wasn't talking to you
2 you obviously care, you have posted twice about this

Posted via the Android iMore App because my phone gave me android for free

1. I was talking to you.
2. I care about you, which is why I posting a 3rd time. This one is just for you

Very nice, I love that they at least make the effort unlike other companies.

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Well done Mr.Cook, well done... Shareholders look everything "green" but in other way, money green... Apple should stay by environmental initiatives and show to others that is possible to make money and take care on CLIMATE and environment!!! :-)

The National Center for Public Policy Research is a right wing propaganda machine. They bill themselves as a "think tank." They are basically a group and a website of Fox News quotes and clips and people regurgitating the Fox talking points whenever some tv show needs some a crazy person. It's not surprising at all that they don't believe in climate change and don't want apple spending money on it. You can bet they were also mad apple took a stance in favor of gay rights too and a host of other issues.

Wow, biased much? You want to see a real propaganda machine? Look at the mainstream media, they are much more effective than any Conservative group. I can promise you that more "thinking" goes on at the NCPPR than at CBS, NBC, ABC, or MSNBC and probably even at the White House.

Really! While environmental responsibility is admirable, it is interesting how Mr. Cook can have such passionate views on "climate change" (notice the recent change of terminology from "Global warming" to "climate change" by the enviro nazis; due to the fact that global warming has not and cannot be prove to be totally caused by man made activities).

More to the point, I suggest that Mr. Cook's priorities are misplaced. Instead of telling share holders how to invest, why not show some sincere passion for the global work force that is involved with manufacturing your products (can you say Foxconn?). So it appears that Mr. Cook is more passionate about the environment than worker safety! I guess it is acceptable to Apple to exploit millions of workers for a buck but not for the environment.

I am not a troll and own a house full of apple products (although this may change based on this type of BS attitude) but this has touched a nerve. Mr. Cook you are a douche bag!

Instead of telling share holders how to invest, why not show some sincere passion for the global work force that is involved with manufacturing your products (can you say Foxconn?)

Tim Cook has spent time in China and actually talked with Foxconn workers. Apple's Supplier Responsibility Report - a publicly available document - explains exactly what Apple's doing to advocate for and improve worker conditions at supplier factories worldwide. Which is a lot more than what other consumer electronics companies do.

I am not a troll

You may be an Apple product owner, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...

"You may be an Apple product owner, but if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck..."

You are entitled to your opinion but I think if you look at my fairly limited historical posts on iMore and Crackberry any reasonable person would see that I do not instigate or say inflammatory things. But as an environmental lawyer (who has actually read many of the "global warming" reports) I am so sick and tired of uninformed people simply repeating this propaganda about global warming. Please recall it was only in the 1970s that the environmental crazies were all complaining that we were experiencing a significant cooling.

It seems like your definition of a troll is anyone who has a different opinion than you. Like I said above, you are entitled to your opinion, as am I, but if you think that I am a troll, then you sir are a moron. And if you believe in global warming or what ever the activists are calling it now, more power to you, but this is a subject with which I have a fair amount of knowledge.

"But as an environmental lawyer"

You're an environmental lawyer and use the term "enviro nazis"? Seriously? Do you mean "anti-environmental" lawyer, because this doesn't make any sense. I think you just lost all creditability.

You are incorrectly associating the term environmental lawyer with an attorney who represents only a certain group of clients. You have been conditioned to believe that an environmental lawyer is someone who is always fighting big bad business (as you like to think). The large majority of attorneys in the environmental law field are representing business interests. And yes I do categorize, maybe inappropriately, certain individuals (like Al Gore) or groups of people as environmental nazis or zealots. Al Gore is a hypocrite plain and simple. Look at the industry his father and his family made their fortunes in. Look at the carbon footprints of Mr. Gore and others like him who are telling the masses to use less energy.

A couple things to consider:

  1. Throwing around terms like "Nazi" makes it incredibly difficult to engage in a reasonable discussion.
  2. Even if someone doesn't believe in climate change or doesn't believe humanity has any hand in it, it's almost impossible to believe any sane person wouldn't support being a more harmonious form of animal life on this planet in general.

You are correct, use of the word "Nazi" was inappropriate.

My point is this:

1. I don't object to Mr. cook wanting to espouse environmental responsibility. But in my view it is a little scary to have the CEO of such an influential company make a statement that if you don't believe in climate change you should not own Apple stock. Let's cut to the chase: who made him the expert on climate change and why does he not tolerate a difference of opinion? His statement is also very extreme (i.e. if you don't believe what I believe you are not worthy to support my company, you are beneath me). This is a very scary attitude in my opinion because it essentially stifles debate and differences of opinion which often times spurs progress. Without further detail that is generally the reason for my reference to "Nazis".

What if Mr. Cook came out and said all meat eater (non-vegetarians) should get out of Apple stock. Because anyone who has visited a slaughter house would know how cruel these places are and how they have recognized negative local environmental impacts. Would that be acceptable? He would be entitled to his opinion but is that something you would want to see?

2. I also personally find it hypocritical for Mr. Cook to be so emphatic about this issue in light of the severe human rights violations that Apple likely ignored until it was "forced" to take action. And yes, Apple has tried to help the Foxconn situation but based on my knowledge it is more window dressing than substance. Of course there is room for argument. It is this latter point that touched a nerve for me. I think it is great that people take environmental responsibility seriously but I personally think it is more important for Apple to truly care for an fix the human rights abuses in China as it relates to the manufacture of its products. But Apple will not do that because it will effect bottom line; and that is what I find hypocritical.

  1. Apple has had a "my way or the highway" attitude for awhile, and that's fine because usually they have a pretty good way. They're totally within their rights to operate the way they want to, and if shareholders or anyone else doesn't like it, they can take a hike. There's nothing scary, surprising, or wrong about that.

  2. Apple's been pretty emphatic about human rights too. Climate change and human rights are two totally different problems, though. What makes you think they can't tackle both, or that greater progress in one area is specifically responsible less progress in another?

Amen... The political leftists had no problem calling Bush a nazi or Hitler or doing newspaper ads putting him in Hitler garb. And I'd be willing to wager that a number of writers here at Mobile Nations lean left in heir personal politics. So be it I come here for the tech discussions not political theater. But since they like a snide political commentary here & there on the various sites & podcasts it occurs to me I don't remember any outrage then.

In fact a few months back Rush Limbaugh actually mentioned he reads this blog. Like him or not the comments were filled with left wing hate. Not a lot of moderation or outrage to be found or any attempts to balance the discussion.

I do not instigate or say inflammatory things

Except this time, right?

But as an environmental lawyer...

Argumentum ab auctoritate

the environmental crazies

Your bias is showing.

Why do you call it bias? It is a legitimate difference of opinion. This world would be a very scary place if everyone was required to have the same opinion.

I don't think I said anything inflammatory. Maybe I shouldn't have called Mr. Cook a douche bag; but I am honestly astounded by his comments in light of the obvious human rights issues I referenced earlier.

Listen, I'm sorry if I offended you or any other readers. And I will make sure not to post any opinions that will be different than those espoused on this site or by Apple. In short I will be a good little subject. Sorry, can't help the sarcasm.

Bottom line everyone is free to have their opinions and I should not have lowered myself to name calling, but based on my experience and knowledge I have very strong opinions in this area that are actually based on facts.

You didn't post an opinion, you verbally attacked someone you've never met, under the guise of being a lawyer. I still can't figure out why you think that would make your attacks acceptable.

Tim Cook has voiced his stance multiple times about working conditions, as Peter has mentioned, so not sure what you mean by the Foxconn comments. Working conditions have improved to the point that we don't hear of suicides anymore at teh factories, which I think means things have been drastically changing. Can Tim Cook fix everything himself? No. Can America fix all of China's labor issues? No. All we can do is push corporate leaders to change their tactics and it's what Tim Cook has done. So what's your gripe?

Climate change? Seriously? Is acid rain a myth? Is pollution a myth? Smog? Increased asthma? Are the dead zones from nitrogen runoff in the gulf made up? These are all things that man has done to the environment. We have an impact on it, pure and simple. We created the hole in the ozone layer, and we stopped using CFC's in everything and the hole has been shrinking, because we have an effect on our planet. Why don't we start there and stop fighting over semantics. Apple is working hard to be environmentally friendly, and for that, and because Tim Cook is just a really good person, I am more of a fan of Apple now then I ever was while it was helmed by Steve.

Nogutsnoglory, I agree with you 100% on what you said. Don't let them gang up on you because you aren't alone.

Who is doing the trolling? It seems to me he has every right to his opinion, you trying to call him out on his opinion with nothing other than calling him a troll is childish. You should really take a page out of Rene or Simon's book and come with a healthy debate instead of name calling.

"But as an environmental lawyer (who has actually read many of the "global warming" reports) I am so sick and tired of uninformed people simply repeating this propaganda about global warming. Please recall it was only in the 1970s that the environmental crazies were all complaining that we were experiencing a significant cooling."

What is hilarious about this statement is that it is you regurgitating propaganda, only it is propaganda spread by the fossil fuel industry to protect their interests. If you're a lawyer you should be aware of this, it takes only a few seconds to inform yourself of the facts as seen here http://climatecrocks.com/2013/06/07/the-1970s-ice-age-myth-and-time-maga... and here http://www.realclimate.org/index.php/archives/2005/01/the-global-cooling...

So it is you who is un-informed, or you're just intentionally spreading lies which is likely considering you claim to be a lawyer for this un-ethical and morally bankrupt industry.

"... by the enviro nazis…"

Ah, the Nazis! Too funny! I'm glad Godwin's Law is still in effect.

But, on a serious note… you do know, don't you, that other tech companies use Foxconn? And whenever this comes up, Apple is the only company I hear actually trying to do something about it.

I try not to get too political, because honestly, when you have more than half of the US Congress as millionaires, both D's and R's are just there to enrich themselves and do very little to benefit the American public. BUT, it's always interesting to hear Conservatives go on about freedom and the free market… until they do something they disagree with. Very hypocritical.

NCPPR was doing nothing more than trying to advance a political point. Anyone that has any knowledge of Apple and has listened to Steve Jobs, knows Apple doesn't live quarter to quarter like most companies. They've always said they do the best to develop great products, and will let their stock value fall where it may.

I always find it interesting when Liberals preach tolerance then immediately foam at the mouth when a Conservative says something they disagree with. Liberals are only tolerant of like minded though. Hypocrisy, they name is Liberal.

For one, you have shown you don't even have the slightest bit of knowledge about climate change or mans role in it. Calling Cook a d-bag for standing up idiots that believe the Earth is flat just shows that you're not interested in taking personal responsibility for yourself.

Well since you are well educated on the knowing of Climate change, right, their calling it climate change now, tell master douche just what it is so we can all clammer in fear of the ending demise of this travesty that we have created on this CARBON based planet.

For you blind fools, take a basic biology and chemistry class. everything is carbon based and if you think we are going to live without it, HOLD YOUR FUCKING BREATH and see what kind of foot print you leave.

How stupid do you have be to come across as a wise man? and you can quote me!

While I think this man made global warming stuff is nonsense (here in Minnesota we've had one of the COLDEST winters on record), this shareholder proposal was nonsense too. Apple made $13B in profit last quarter. The work Apple is doing with respect to the environment certainly isn't hurting their profit making abilities. Apple is "greener" than ever and is making more money than they ever have. What's the issue? Seems to me there are other companies this group should be going after besides Apple.

So you think climate change causes weather systems to get warmer? You might need to patch up your geographical knowledge.

So global warming is not real because It's been cold in Minnesota? Do you know what the word "global" means?

Sent from the iMore App

Obviously not, a quick google search would have shown him that this winter the entire Earth has been much warmer than average, but then, deniers don't like to let simple facts get in the way.

Enlighten us please oh genius.
You must be taking a break from writing your dissertation of the "WORLDS" CLIMATE change so grace us with your knowledge oh great one.

I bet you get laid a lot by hairy legged gals no don't you?

Well then it must not be happening because your state was colder. Paying attention to the rest of the world is for idiots because Minnesota rules!

The rest of your comment was spot on, were you asleep during that first part?

man made climate manipulation has already been proven false. With all of the fake data and made up stories. The only reason people are pushing man made climate change is for money. Look at ALGORE. the man became a billioniare on the backs of the gullible.

If climate change is a made-up thing by "liberals" then I can't wait for the punch line. I still haven't figured out what the downside to NOT DESTROYING THE EARTH might be, but apparently some people can see one. These clowns at least came out and said what their motive is: Dollar signs.

Who needs breathable air and water you can drink when you've got cold hard cash?

Oh yeah... The money would be worthless because the nation collapsed when farmers couldn't grow crops anymore, and there was no more oil to suck out of the ground, and all of those things.

I seriously don't understand some people. A minor application of thought would correct their behavior quickly. Then again, these are people who still have faith in politics...

Jesus Howard Christ, these creeps worry me.

Wow, you are one ignorant piece of work! Do you really think Apple is driven by anything other than the dollar sign? What a pathetic existence!

Nicely said, I had some harsher comment but I will takes and run with you on this one.

THE SKY IS FALLING, THE SKY IS FALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I read this report that when the cold war was in high gear, the fear of Russia and the US blowing up the planet was rampant.

A study showed that there isn't enough dynamite, bombs, rockets, explosives to even come close to making a dent in it.

We couldn't destroy it if we want to.

Mass hysteria of stupidity to make money. You all are just too stupid to get it.

You know how much money is made on scaring you all.

You all pay more for your drinking water then you do for gasoline.!?!?!?!

Electric cars? Where will the electricity come from? Any of you clueless boobs know about power? How come the US hasn't built any power plants in the last umpteen years?

get it? nope.

American's are funny about the word "liberal". In Canada our two main parties are Conservative and Liberal. No one tries to insult anyone else by calling them a "democrat".

Every funnier, in Quebec the "liberal" party is our most right-wing major provincial party because the other one is socialist, even further left of center.

Names lose value at a distance.

It's kind of complicated, but the US was taken over long ago by plutocrats, who now use buzzwords to stir people up and propaganda to keep them confused and ignorant about important issue's such as climate change. Just look at the power, influence, and destruction of not only the environment, but democracy itself by the Koch brothers.

I applaud Tim Cook for standing up to these types.

um, so you are saying that the Koch bothers are responsible for all evils?? Lets just get back to the facts, instead of the the smoke behind the curtains.

And yes, Tim Cook's in business to make money. If he fails at his main task, he will be removed from leadership. Do you really think he will be kept in position if he really didnt care about ROI?

For every "Koch brother", your side has five George Soros', so please, don't EVEN criticize them when Soros is funding almost EVERY anti-freedom and traditional belief group there is. The Koch brothers are just the left-wing punching bag of the day and have a fraction of the impact Soros has. Soros is a truly evil person and you'd be smart to read up on him.

And of course you'll be equally outraged at Al Bore... Oops, Gore gallivanting around the world with his mistress in tow preaching global warming in his private jet. Or is it climate change now? Oh no matter. I'm sure you know the origin of the Gore families millions right? And how Al affords his crazy lavish lifestyle? Occidental Petroleum.

He's really doing his part though isn't he?

It's easy to say when you have a product with such a large margin and rolling in money! When Apple starts the great fall, this will all get tossed to the side. Then again, there are plenty who don't mind feeding this great corporate monster the same way they feed the gas and oil companies!

Easy? Now's the hard time. They have every idiot person who's made some money trying to tell them how to make their business "more successful" and have their stock screwed with on a monthly basis by these idiots.

No way man. This is a conspiracy man. You see, Tim Cook wants to piss off investors so the price of Apple stock can go down. That way they can use their horde of cash to buy up all the shares at a reduced value. You gotta open your eyes to see reality man. Businesses don't care about the environment, they care about profit. And Cookie cares about profit way more than the NCPPR does and he is playing the NCPPR like a fiddle man. He's making the big play here. :-) (Takes off tinfoil hat)

Caring about the environment is a lot more than just global warming. Unfortunately that is getting lost in this debate. Acid rain, smog, airborne carcinogens, etc. are all great reasons to care about the environment even if you don't buy into the climate change argument.

While I believe in the capitalist system, presently too many companies don't take into account the cost to the environment because it hits society's bottom line, not the company's. It costs all of us, and the fact the system can't stop a company from making profits on the back of sucking value from the earth while creating short and long term liabilities for all of us is a real problem. (Example...company A out-competes company B because they dump poisons in the local watershed instead of proper disposal as it's cheaper)

Kudos Mr. Cook. To see your mild mannered persona overcome with passion when you are so clearly right has greatly increased my respect for you, as well as the company you run.

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Bravo Mr Cook. One just has to look at China to see profit over environment.

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It amazes me how short-sighted some people are when it comes to profit. Not only do some companies ignore the environment, they also ignore the longterm well-being of their company and industry in the relentless pursuit of higher returns tomorrow.
It's ignorant to think that investing in environmental issues is a complete money sink with no return. What if, hypothetically, it helped discover new affordable and recyclable forms of materials that helped lower the costs of making their products?

Tim's response makes me proud to own Apple devices for yet another reason. It's us consumers that really matter, not the shareholders (who serve only to profit from Apple's work). Leave Apple alone and realize that they have $100B+ in the bank for a reason!

On factor the NCPPR does not consider is that Apple's focus (or lip service, if you are devoutly cynical) on green energy helps profitability. Issues of environmental impact and future fossil fuel price aside, think of the impact on Apple's branding.

Apple has worked hard to cultivate an image of being elegant, hip, and responsible. Apple touts its green initiatives in press releases - and at every release - in part because it reinforces that brand. This can sway customers, especially high-end customers, in both the short and long term. IOW, even if you grant the NCPPR's assumption that a green focus is more costly, it still might be net profitable, because of the attitude of Apple's target market.

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Pure, unbridled greed is NOT good. The more we can find ways to remain ethical while still turning a profit, the better. And, when the two come into direct conflict with each other we're most often better off going with what's ethical and here's why: It's the next generation that's going to continue to have to live with the choices we make today, economic and environmental. It's at this level that pure greed does us decided harm.

Love to see you function with no money...
As Gekko put it, "Greed is good..."

So in one comment, Tim is good for his take, yet isn't he a rich evil, greedy capitalist of the largest, wealthiest corporation that has more money that even the US government?
Does't Al "MANBEARPIG" sit on the that same very board of RICH CAPITALIST FUCKS!?!?!?

You all are walking blithering hypocrites.

You clap for this man, yet scorn the company or company like, you hate greed, yet point your critical fat fingers like you wouldn't love the chance to be in their shoes, cause you would do it better...!!?!??!

Hypocrites I call you all.

Wow. those guys are serious trolls with a hate for Gore and the government shenanigans that Apple is doing .

All of you are overlooking a very simple fact here. Apple is a publicly owned company & since they play by the rules of Wall Street & finance law, they are required to allow this lawyer representing those shareholders his say & they must vote on his proposal. Period end of story. Now majority rules in a publicly traded company & they voted down the proposal. That's the way it works. But whether Tim Cook likes it or not, or anybody having an internet rage fit for that matter, the $160 billion dollars Apple has in those offshore accounts belong to the company's shareholders by law & they get a say in how it's spent. If Apple wants to change that then take the company private. It'll cost upwards of half a trillion to do so however so save those pennies!

As to Apples environmental initiatives I say bravo. I'm also very supportive of Product Red & buy everything I can from Apple to support that having seen the effects of HIV/AIDS up close. But let's not pretend Apple is anything but like any other company & is searching for piles & piles of cold, hard cash. If Apple cares about the environment they'll immediately make 100% of their efforts to move ALL manufacturing back here immediately & out of countries with hostile govt's who are exempt from virtually every environmental treaty the world is promoting. Like say China & Brazil who could care less about the environment & don't participate in things like the Kyoto accords. Oh & isn't it convenient that the overwhelming majority of Apples suppliers, being based outside the US, aren't answerable to our more stringent environmental, employment, & safety laws & regulations?

So let's save the phony outrage until we get some real accountability from Apple. Rene & Peter how about making that a focus of your article instead of acting as if Apple has some moral high ground here?

Yes they did, the "think tank" lost. The energy companies owning the coal ponds leaking in southern states could use their investment money. Actually if the buyback program continues at the current rate Apple stock will be 100% owned by Apple around 2023 if I remember. Only rage fit I see is yours and the "thinkTank" on their website, of course asking for donations.

I'm not sure what the hell you're talking about here but it has almost zero to do with my comments above. Reading comprehension is your friend. Go back & read what I actually wrote & then try to make some sensible reply.

Insulting forum posts are so Fox News comment section. The tone of the comments on this story has reached a new low for Imore. At least you still have your Faux rage on.

Lol yeah whatever. I've been around his site longer than you so take your misperception about me elsewhere. Don't like the opinions put forth on here? There's always The Verge or Daring Fireball.

Like length of time means anything on a free internet forum. There is a tendency for longtime posters to act like stake holders and thrash about. You seem to fit that mold. Please continue...

Might want to check your math on who has been here longer, on Mobile Nation. Thanks for the chuckles and insights :)

Check my math? I'm tempted to keep this going but... As you've yet to offer anything of substance to my original comments we are done here. Your mention of 'Faux News' was very telling. Troll somebody else I've got a life to get back to.

Of course Apple's stance on this matter is important to me. Profitability only matters too selfish individuals for as long as they breathe air on this earth. He Boger about more than what's in their wallet are the ones to get my respect, after all, you'll never see a U-haul being pulled behind a hearse.

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All companies should incorporate this strategy. I value that in a company that I spend my money.

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It's refreshing to see companies do things for other reasons other than ones and zeros.

It's scary when CEO's blindly treat their shareholders as their bosses.

You might better read up on SEC & banking & finance laws then. Shareholders are the boss in a publicly traded company. If enough shareholders vote it then Tim Cook is gone. The board too for that matter. It hasn't happened many times but a shareholder revolt or action can force major changes at any publicly traded company. Apple is no exception.

Look no further than Valueact getting a seat on Microsoft's board & forcing big changes there as an activist investor. Think Carl Icahn can't make the same thing happen too? He may have lost this round but that kind of money draws followers & it buys influence. That's the reality.

It feels embarrassing to admit that I know very little to nil about the SEC & Finance laws, thanks for the clarification, I should definitely wiki that up and make sure I know what I'm talking about next time.

However, what I said still stands as is.
I work for my boss, and my boss has every right to fire me anytime I'm not doing what he wants me to do. But this doesn't mean I go blindly following his every command.

It means that I am responsible to make a stand when I feel it is necessary, and when I feel it is good for the company.

So again it is refreshing to see a CEO stand up for what is right.

Please don't misunderstand. I wasn't lecturing you. Just clarifying how it works with a public company.

I too like Tim Cook as a CEO. He's doing a great job. And I personally like his initiatives of charity & doing better compensation for the employees. However, involvement openly in political hot button issues like the recent law in Arizona & challenging shareholders openly like this is a recipe for disaster. Apple has been lucky so far in that politicians & regulators have ignored them for the most part. That won't always be the case if Tim Cook & board members like Al Gore, who is nothing but a fraud, keep pushing things like this. Do it behind the scenes or keep a low profile. Oh & get out of China if they are so serious about the environment & human rights. That would be a start too.

Blurred lines. Companies should remain neutral in social issues. You polarize the market when you speak with such harsh rhetoric. Besides, climate change is not proven fact. There are a lot of liberals who are very intolerant of people who have different opinions than theirs. How is that supporting tolerance?

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This has to be one of the liveliest discussions on an iMore news topic I've ever seen. Wow! All great comments above. I'm not up to speed on this climate change debate. But I agree with the general consensus anything that makes for better stewardship of our environmental resources is a plus. As for Tim Cook's remarks he's human and feels strongly about this subject. I'm sure investors will not take him literally. As for the other guy, by the asinine statement that followed just seemed like he was embarrassed and had to put something out there.

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What the hell is he posturing for?
Who does Apple have to please?
Apple has always been environmentally conscience. Steve made that perfectly clear a long time ago.
Frigging "ManBearPig" still sits on the board with his medal on and bitches, bitches, bitches.

Perhaps Tim is trying to shut him up. God only knows.
Gots to appease the tree huggers.

Good for Tim Cook. This is what I like to see in a company and I am a MBA you think I would be completely against that.

The thing is you can be environmentally responsible without getting involved in "climate change" politics or even believing the politics of AGW. There are very good reasons for being environmentally responsible that have nothing to do with "climate change." Health, clean water, energy conservation and efficiency, there's a host of reasons. And yes, perhaps you just want to do the right thing to hedge your bets.

I wish we had more leaders like Tim Cook. Regardless of your views on climate change having a company do things simply because they believe them to be the right things to do is refreshing.

It's one thing to be environmentally friendly, but to criticize people because they don't happen to believe your viewpoint on unscientifically proven theories is just asinine. Climate change is true, it's called seasons. And as for global warming, it is yet to be a proven fact that man is causing it. The earth is colder today than it was 4.5 billion years ago.

I haven't got a lot of use for the environmentalist movement.

I do believe in corporate culture, and Apple has a culture of being concerned with these sorts of things, which adds to its reputation among the true believers, which adds to its ability to charge more for its products.

So, ironically, it's probably Cook's answer that does more to protect Apple's ROI, long-term, than the minority shareholder's objections. Apple profits by being seen as more than just another company.

Yes climates do change. They have for millions of years. However, there is doubt as to whether man has anything to do with it or can stop it from happening.

We can all be better stewards of the environment but little we do can affect the climate or keep it from changing. That's mother natures purview, not ours

The hypocrisy is ridiculous. If Tim Cook really gave a crap about the environment and social issues, he would pull all the manufacturing out of China, who is a huge abuser of the environment, human rights, pays slave labor wages, etc.
This is just Tim Cook acting like a pandering politician. The left loves it, and the the right won't dump Apple stock because it makes them money. They don't care about some idiotic statement.

Show me a clear e-waste strategy from either Apple, Google, BlackBerry, Windows, etc.... and I will be impressed.
Otherwise, this whole environment responsibility discourse is useless.
How we manage the end of life cycle of our technologies defines how green we really are.

Toxicity levels must be extremely high when processing the waste, taking these phones, phablets, tablets apart and if your lucky, this is being done in a factory with machines not using your barehands when the waste is sent away to third world countries.

Let's think about that...

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