Tim Cook talks bigger iPhones, new product categories in new interview

Tim Cook talks bigger iPhones, new product categories in new interview

Tim Cook recently sat down for an interview with the Wall Street Journal, speaking on a range of topics, from a big screen iPhone to Apple entering new product categories. When it comes to making an iPhone with a larger screen, Cook says that while Apple won't say no to a larger screen on the iPhone, they also won't rush it out, needing to wait until all of the technology is right to get the display quality they desire. On the topic of new product categories, Cook reiterated that new types of products are on thier way, and that Apple won't stretch itself too thin. From the Wall Street Journal:

We don’t believe we can do things at the level of quality and link things as we want to between hardware, software and services so seamlessly if we do a lot of stuff. So we’re going to stick with our knitting with only doing a few things and doing them great. There will be new categories and we’re working on some great stuff. We’re not ready to talk about it. We’re really working on some really great stuff. I think no one reasonable would say they’re not a new category.

Tim Cook has been talking about new product categories for a while now. Do you think that we'll see Apple enter a new product category this year, and what do you think it will be? Let us know in the comments.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Tim Cook talks bigger iPhones, new product categories in new interview


If they don't want to spread themselves so thin, phase out the iPod for the iWatch to keep it connected to the internet for streaming iCloud content.

Never, Apple won't do that.
Unless it was on a coolness factor of 50+ they just couldn't.

It has to be something everyone wants.

Med tech is their first line of order. This is the arena that is going to impact us all the most. From there spring board the products.

I think the new iDevice will be awesome but flawed, like the first iPhone and the first iPad were. As time passes, it will be something that everyone wants and there will be many imitators. Whatever it will be, I can tell you this: I'm starting to save up for it right now.

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I want a smart watch made by Apple. Samsung galaxy gear won't even be able to compete!

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They are doing a lot of talking lately after the last quarterly earnings disappointed wall street. I'm surprised at that, both wall street being disappointed by record earnings and apples response to it. I hope they have more than a niche product like a fitness band/watch in the pipe line cause they are setting the stage for major disappointment with all this 'great things coming' talk.

I don't disagree but like it or not they are more of a powerhouse than apple. As a shareholder I have to admit that I'm a little concerned at this all out PR/Interview blitz that is going on right now. All this talk before products are actually shipping is so against the norm.

Easy fix: Convince all the other investors that they have unrealistic expectations and that 65 jillion dollars is just as good as 85 jillion. Also that they're businessmen and have no clear understanding of technology and the way it's developed.

Oh wait, you might as well shake your fist at the sun.

Well when you have more money then the US government and you're constantly profitable, everyone wants to see you fail.

It's the NEW way in the United States.

iWear is on its way folks. It's going to be a couple of different things, watch, lens, monitors, all working with iBeacons.

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iCentric. It revolves around you.
iCentric. Your center of everything.
iCentric. It's at the center of you.

Ah, probably not...!

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This is the most interesting comment to me.

"I think no one reasonable would say they’re not a new category."

To me? That rules out:

* Actual TV sets
* Watches
* Sport/health bands
* Set top boxes
* Large screen iPhones/iPads

That isn't to say we won't see some of the above, because they allude to multiple new things this year, but "no one reasonable would say they’re not a new category" eliminates the above, no?

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Well, apple isn't making TV sets so for them it would be a new category. A smartwatch could be a new kind of device just like iPhone was new. But yeah, I think he had in mind something else, maybe a Mac of the future i.e. tablet with OSXI.

To me that rules them in! Cook's saying the unreasonable people will say the category(ies) have been done before i.e. "smartTV" especially as the current attempts in these categories are (in)effectively Smartphones prior to iPhone or Tablets prior to iPad.

It'll be interesting to see how he maintains the Phone/Tablet differentiation whilst closing the size gap - if that's the plan.

I suppose, but wouldn't that be more "reinventing" a category? Like they did for the MP3 player, smartphone, tablet?

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I'm not even going to try & anticipate...
I'll just wait to see what Apple reveals so I'll have the greatest opportunity for that,"Whoa! Cool!" experience.

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This sounds like a bigger screen iPhone is not coming? Now I'm just so unsure although I wont be buying until the iPhone 6s anyway.

I'm pretty sure he said the same last year saying new product categories were coming in the fall. If that meant the ipad air was a "new" category then don't hold your hopes too high by this comment.

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Right, he said new products late 2013, and may have even teased categories in 2014 then, too.

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Just went back to check on imores story on this back then and title did say "Tim cook teases new product categories for fall and 2014"

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Do you have an actual quote? I do remember him saying new products in the fall of 2013 and across 2014. But I don't remember him specifically saying "new categories" in 2013.

Anyway the fact that Tim is even getting into a discussion about new products vs new categories is stupid and someone from Apple PR is clearly not doing their job. Yesterday on CNBC all they talked about was this comment, basically making fun of Cook and assuming the only new thing we're getting from Apple is a larger iPhone (which they all agreed could not be considered a "new category").

If the iPad mini retina were a phone, I would be ok with that. I tend to use a lifeproof case with my iPhone so I need a bluetooth anyway. Even if that is too big, I would like to see a large enough phone that it can use the tablet apps and share the tablet resolution. I really have no desire to keep buying two versions of an app. That and a lot of the games I try to play are too small to read on the iPhone. Agricola, KotOR, Baldur's Gate, and Star Command were all games that were for iPhone and iPad, but I found the iPhone to be too small for an enjoyable experience.

To me it sounds kind of like a fancy way of saying "if your expecting to be wowed then think again"

Not trying to be negative but it kind of sounds Thorsten Hines like. I'm not saying apple is heading in that direction. I'm just simply saying it sounds like a hype with a catch.

I just hope its not going to be long ass hell I'm a female I don't like really big phone I won't it to fit in my hands just like my 4S does

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