Tim Cook talks new iPhone speculation

Tim Cook talks new iPhone speculation

During Apple's Q3 2012 conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook repeatedly addressed the rumors and speculation surrounding new iPhones (and other Apple products) and how they cause Apple to lose sales of current generation products. Rumors likely refers to the stories sites like iMore post that reveal potential Apple product plans like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Speculation likely refers to customers noticing Apple's habit of releasing new iPhones and iPads every year, and then anticipating similar release schedules the next year.

While Apple Chief Financial Officer, Peter Oppenheimer, seemed less amused by the cost of these rumors and speculation, Tim Cook took a more pragmatic view. To paraphrase Cook:

We try very hard to keep our roadmaps secret and confidential, go to extreme actions to do that, however that doesn't stop people from speculating and wondering. We can never stop that. That's one of the great things about this country. So we won't spend any energy trying to stop that. I'm glad people want the next thing. I'm super happy about that.

Oppenheimer might see the money Apple lost from people delaying purchases in hopes new products come soon, but Cook clearly sees the money Apple will make in the future from those same people. And more. As the excitement they bring to Apple's brand is an essential part of Apple's marketing. It's what gets them line ups around the block and far more headlines than any competitor.

Apple has released a new iPhone every year since 2007. Savvy shoppers know Apple is likely to announce another new iPhone this year. Cook isn't upset those shoppers might be holding off buying an iPhone today. He knows they'll be lining up to buy a new iPhone later in the year.

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Tim Cook talks new iPhone speculation


I don't think the iPad Mini will ever happen. Did you hear that the new iPod Touch might have a 4 inch screen as well? To me the iPad Mini is useless. If you want a 7 inch tablet, get the Nexus 7.

My friend although I have to be careful is involved in the production of the iPad minis in China. They're already making the in-cell stuff and getting microscopic screws & drill bits ready for this particular project. Call it a rumor all you want, but fortunately I know someone that tells me what's happening before it happens. It's kind of cool. It's actually why I switched to Apple from Android - because I see the stuff before it comes out and it's very impressive. I think I wasn't supposed to say that. Which is why that's all I'm going to say : )

There will always be a shiny new apple product and more importantly why shouldn't we be discussing and speculating about their release dates. If you want an iPhone 4S do ahead anandfld get it. If your smart you will wait and get the newer and much better one in 3 months. Its not his money so he has no say, he can complain but that's about it.

"Apple CEO Tim Cook repeatedly addressed the rumors and speculation surrounding new iPhones (and other Apple products) and how they cause Apple to lose sales of current generation products."

In other words - buy the generation of product on its way out - so you can turn around and buy the latest and greatest. I laugh at some of the stupidity these executives spout sometimes.

Actually @SockRolid, it does matter. If you pay Apple later, you get a better phone for the same subsidized price, in theory. And to the mass of congenitally shortsighted stock analysts out there, not buying now, but buying 4 months later is a huge problem.

Next iPhone = all new patent battles as Apple now own the words "touch", "Screen" and "touchscreen" as well as "A device that can be touched"...