Tim Cook tells employees Apple has big plans for 2014, products customers are going to love

Tim Cook tells employees Apple has big plans for 2014, products customers are going to love

Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has sent out an email to employees, thanking them for their hard work, listing off Apple's innovations for the year, and promising even more of the same for 2014. Mark Gurman obtained a copy of the full text. In part, from 9to5Mac:

We have a lot to look forward to in 2014, including some big plans that we think customers are going to love. I am extremely proud to stand alongside you as we put innovation to work serving humankind's deepest values and highest aspirations. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world for the opportunity to work at this amazing company with all of you.

It's not just the iPhone 6, updated Apple TV, mythical iWatch, next generation iPads or Macs, or even OS X 10.10 or iOS 8, it's the company and the values and vision that continues to work at making existing products better and new, complementary products that make them, in sum, beyond better. Cook has taken to exemplifying those values, enabling Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Phil Schiller, Eddy Cue, and the hardware, software, and services teams to pursue those visions.

2013 was back-loaded to the extreme, with not a peep out of Apple until WWDC in June, and then an avalanche from September on. That they'll be making more phones, tablets, computers, and everything that comes with them is obvious. How they'll make them and release them, and how they'll continue to tell the story of Apple and customer experience, is what I'm looking forward to.


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Tim Cook tells employees Apple has big plans for 2014, products customers are going to love


"... serving humankind’s deepest values and highest aspirations." ???

Honestly, Tim Cook and his crew need to get off their high horses sometimes. Who writes this stuff? It's overly dramatic, egotistical and insincere.

I've seen several aliens using an iPhone here in the USA. Heck, I have sold an old iPhone two to an alien in order to get the new version.

When I look around on the train commute every morning and see iPhones or iPads in the hands of 85% of the passengers... Yeah.

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I look forward to what Apple has in store for us next year. Hopefully, an iPhone with a bigger screen is one of them. IMO, Apple did really well this year so kudos to Cook and their employees for that.

[Tim reels back and mightily throws forward a giant cut of ...]

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I have to admit this act is getting a little old. These 'leaked' PR opportunities are disingenuous. My iPhone and iPad crash once or twice a week on average now, something that hadn't happened in years to me. The cloud services still aren't great, maps is still questionable at best, and yet we are all supposed to turn to 'new' products? I hope they get their $hit together and fix what's broken and get their services up to snuff at some point before adding more crap onto the pile.

No new is is without their problems, but for me on my 4S and 5s, I haven't seen anything major. A few apps not ready for 7 with a few glitches, but otherwise, buttery smooth!??

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In fairness the ipad is worse than the iphone but I've had my iphone reboot on me a few times too. It's their apps causing it, especially the music app. Seems to be the main culprit, but it's been other times when accessing icloud information.

If Apple was going to leak I doubt their publication of choice would be 9to5Mac. Plus there are plenty of other ways to leak that new products are coming.

Can't believe how some people get so bent out of shape over a letter that isn't even addressed to them.

Bigger iPhone... Bigger iPhone ... Bigger iPhone.... Single most important request / demand from me. Thank you apple :))

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Don't fool yourself. 2013 was mediocre. Let's recap:

iPad - Apple made it thinner and lighter and tossed in the latest processor. No Touch ID. In January iPad went to 128GB. Mini went Retina for a price. Grade B

Macbook Pro - Predicable move to Haswell based architecture. PCIe SSD. Grade C

Mac Pro - All new design thinking outside the box. Fast. Grade A

iTunes - still a festering piece of caca. Grade D

Aperture - The Rip Van Winkle of software. When is 4.0 getting here. Grade D

iPhoto - They basically did nothing with it. Grade D
iMovie - Few changes. UI is absolutely boring and non-intuitive. Grade C
GarageBand - Few changes but Logic Remote is nice - Grade B-

iOS 7 - Fisher Price bright. UI stripped of chrome which makes it rather boring. Still a nice evolution of the OS but it hasn't really leapt forward. Grade B

Mavericks - Funny name. Some nice enhancements but it remains unclear how much Apple will invest in their most powerful platform. Grade C

Apple TV - Becoming a junkyard for Cable Authenticated apps. If Airplay wasn't cool and relatively trouble free i'd be using something else.

Airplay - needs some nice new features like audio sync.

Lots of acquisitions- we'll see how long it takes to deliver something that is powerful

2013 was a good year but not necessarily a great one.

Yep, that's what Tim should tell Apple employees, that the year was mediocre. Maybe he should tell employees that they suck too. That will do wonders for morale and keeping great talent. For gods sakes people this is an internal email to employees. Of course the CEO is going to talk up the company and praise employees.