Timberman: Must try or must avoid?

Timberman for iOS

If you've ducked into the App Store top rankings recently, you may have noticed a relatively unfamiliar icon creeping up to the number 2 spot: Timberman. Very simply, you're a lumberjack in Timberman, and you have to tap to the left and right side of a tree to start chopping it down, but be mindful of which side you're on; there are branches that come down towards you as you bash out supiciously-clean chunks from the tree and the rest drops down. That said, Timberman plays a bit like Piano Tiles and borrows some art style from Flappy Bird.

Players are on the clock, and have to keep chopping to add time to it. Get smacked in the head, and you've got to start over from scratch, and potentially have to sit through an ad if you haven't bought the premium version. Leaderboards and achievements are available through Game Center, if you're the competitive type, and new lumberjack outfits are available after reaching certain milestones or chopping enough total wood.

If you're looking for an accessible but fast-paced game to fill the Flappy Bird-sized hole in your heart until the relaunch, this is definitely worth your time.

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Timberman: Must try or must avoid?