Time Magazine Ranks the Moto Droid Ahead of the iPhone 3GS


Time magazine has made the Motorola Droid its number 1 gadget of the year while our beloved iPhone ranked in at number 4 behind the Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader, and the Dyson Air Multiplier. What pushed the Droid to the top of the heap of these gadgets was the combination of its Motorola hardware and Android 2.0 software.

A smartphone operating system isn't all that satisfying without an actual kick-ass smartphone wrapped around it. Now Android has one: The Droid is a hefty beast, a metal behemoth without the gloss and finish of the iPhone, but you don't miss it. The Droid's touchscreen is phenomenally sharp and vivid, it has an actual physical (not great, but good enough) keyboard, and best of all, the Droid is on Verizon's best-of-breed 3G network. It's Android's first credible challenge to the iPhone.

The reason why the iPhone 3GS ranked in at number 4, well to put it simply, was the lack of new features.


blockquote>Take the iPhone. Make it faster. There, you're done. Yes, the 3GS has a better camera — with video. And it has a compass and voice control. Those are all improvements over the original.

So there you have it folks, in the past the iPhone and awards have gone hand and hand. As it stands now, the iPhone is no longer an award winner. Hopefully that all changes come this June/July.

What do you think? Should the Droid have gotten the nod?

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Time Magazine Ranks the Moto Droid Ahead of the iPhone 3GS


Let Moto have their day in the sun. The press is meaningless because the real measure is how many millions of these have sold so far. And that number is...what still working on 1,000,000?

Seems a bit early to already be ranking the Droid at a number one spot for the whole year. Granted, yes, the iPhone (imo) should have sported a new/slightly revamped styling - however it didn't stop me from buying one and being completely and 100% fulfilled.
I haven't personally played with a Droid yet - I hear it's great and all that, but I don't know about being the #1 gadget of the year.

Where can I get one of those Droid things? They sound cool!! Yea I'm not to happy, all they did is add a (s) to my 3g iPhone this year.

@ Brian: Well go to Verizon or droid blog what r u doing in the iPhone blog? iPhone is still the winner!

@ Brian. yea dude, don't come on this website unless you are completely and totally behind the iPhone - no differing opinions please (sarc.)

I do not blame time magazine for choosing droid over iphone. As a 3gs owner, I feel that there is nothing new and exciting about it. Apple added new features to the 3gs that are not so new in the mobile phone world.
1. Camera (Video)
2. Compas
3. Processor speed (Increased)
Next time apple should add new features that have not been in the market since 2000.

I'm glad Rene didn't touch this story. It would have been "droid suxxxxorZ!!!1!!one!!"

Brian, i agree - im all iphone 3gs. Droid is too new in the smartphone market to make an impact - its just heavy marketing

I am an unapologetic iPhone whore. But I agree with this ranking. Apple needs to realize they can't just sit back and let the iPhone coast at the top of the smartphone world. They need to keep innovating and making it better. Adding a few features that have already been on cell phones -and SHOULD have already been on the iPhone since day one- isn't going to keep it at number one. Hopefully we will see some more significant improvements with the iPhone and AT&T's service in 2010...

I think it is great that Droid is #1, and Time hit it right on, nothing new from Apple this year. Perhaps this type of slap in the face will spur (has spurn this year already?) further innovation from Apple and the 4th Gen iPhone will leapfrog the Droid. Makes my decision to stick with 3G and not jump to 3G(s) seem like a good one.

Rankings are subjective; sales are not. Let the Droid have it's ranking. The iPhone is number 1 in the only category that matters: SALES!!

First of all, iPhone 3gs is the best! Second of all, I'm glad they think the "droid" is good.... So apple can come back this upcoming June and blow everybodys minds out! Including the Droid fanboys.....

I agree that 3gs is not much of an upgrade. But it is better than droid. The keyboard on the droid is tiny and makes it cheap looking.

Could this be the reason for the delay in the software update category for Apple? I think they realize that some of these phones are catching up. Hope something happens soon.

I don't know if I agree with the ranking for the Droid, but I agree with the reasoning for not ranking the iPhone higher.
@David: Regarding "spurn" - I don't think that means what you think it means ;)

I'm not sure that Time's rankings have a huge amount of influence. I'm also not sure how the Nook is in this year's rankings, when it's not going to be released until next year.
But, Droid pushed the envelope more this year than the iPhone 3GS. Apple didn't do much new with the iPhone this year, as compared to the simultaneous release of the iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 2.0. Apple's major achievement this year was updating its computer hardware lines.
I object to the concept that commercial sales matter to the degree that they are more important than the gadget itself. By that measure, nothing new would ever be more significant than something established. One could argue that because the iPhone OS hasn't displaced Symbian or Blackberry, that the iPhone 3GS shouldn't even be ranked #4. It's much harder to explain the high ranking of this incremental hardware upgrade with OS tweaks falling short of the multitasking people want from the iPhone, than the ranking of Droid.
Anyway, we all know that if the Apple Tablet comes out as rumored, that the print media industry will rank print media-supporting Tablet as the #1 gadget of 2010.

I still contend that Apple needs to find a way to get back to aluminum iPhones. I know that they want to drive cost down and there is always the wireless interference issue, but the first iPhone is still unfortunately the most beautiful version. The iPhone is ready for a hardware design refresh as well, that's one thing I'm hoping for in version 4.

I could care less how many iPhones have been sold. In fact i bought the first model before it got trendy. Now Apple is selling tons over seas and making money off of more quantity not more quality. Now I have a trendy phone that's falling behind (3gs now) that has issues because there are too many on the network. Alas, I am hopeful because the main concern I have can and will be addressed in a future software update. I've seen what this phone is capable off. I'd like to see Time compare the Droid to a JB 3gs. : )

I like to laugh at people like @Neo who say things like "Just wait until this June/July for the next iPhone". I mean, isn't that just admitting the iPhone is stale and the Droid has surpassed it?
The only thing left for the fanboys to say is "Well, the iPhone is the best because Apple is awesome"
How about "Mark All As Read" feature in Email Apple?
__iPhone 3GS User / Droid Luster

Everything that's being said about the droid was said about the palm pre....I wonder how that turned out???

I don't get the excitement over the Droid. I carried one alongside my 3Gs for a month and found NOTHING compelling about Droid over the iPhone. There is no searching email function. The voice dial is weak. No voice and data at the same time. The OS is sluggish compared to the 3GS. And that physical keyboard is nearly useless to me although YMMV as it does with any keyboard.
Everyone makes a big deal over the "open source" thing. However, Linux has been open source for years but it's appeal is mostly limited to the ubber geek crowd. Developers don't seem to be clamoring to get on the Android wagon just yet as the real money, even with all of the App Store's issues, is with the iPhone. The only redeeming thing about this OS is that Google is behind it so it will probably continue to be developed. However, there already seems to be some software compatibility between the different builds for the different platforms. 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1... I had several apps that I could not run because they'd not been updated for 2.0. Open source can turn into an open mess if you aren't careful.
I wonder how long that the Droid's OS will be updated until you are forced into a new device. At least with my iPhone, I don't feel like I'll get left behind on updates. I'm not saying it's a bad device to get. In fact, it's the device to get if you need Verizon's network. However, for some lucky folks like me, the Droid is capped out at EVDO rev A and living in Dallas, AT&T is about to launch 7.2 HSPA (or HSDPA whatever they are calling it these days) and then, at least in my area, there will be little competition as far as the data usage goes.
To each is own, but I agree that this is a very skewed article by the Times. Naming a product of the year that's been out for a month, and another that doesn't even come out this year makes me wonder what they smoked for lunch...

@Joe mcg - I never said the droid was a better phone? Ibsaid I loved it, and I can't wait till next June for another upgrade..... Ur such a droi fan...

OMG, heaven forbid the iPhone isn't totalyl new every 6 months!
You haters are such losers.
Apple sure rested on their laurels here.
You folks need to get a life, a job, or some hobbies.
I've had my 3G for 15 months and I don't need a new one or a 3Gs either.
No wonder the landfills are overflowing and people are broke.
Jeezus H.

The fascination with the Droid is the same as the fascination was with the first iPhone — it's new, like a piece of strange azz. Period.

@fastlane: I agree. It's just "different". Not really better. Everyone made the same big fuss about the Pre when it launched and I still haven't seen one in everyone's hands...

Droid pushes the envelope in one particular area: Google service integration, of which Navigator is the newest feature. Apple has understandably been recognized for the iPhone's app catalog, but Apple has also had trouble with cloud service integration (MobileMe, iDisk, instant notifications), whereas cloud service integration is Google's basic philosophy. Apple's purchases of LaLa and Placebase are solely directed at cloud service integration with the iPhone.
Plus, just the fact that Verizon is the biggest network in the U.S. means that any significant development having to do with Verizon will have an impact. Droid is a solid phone, and Google services are extremely popular. It's a demonstration that a solid phone on a larger network provider will sell quite a lot more than a similar, slightly less solid phone like the Pre will sell on a smaller network provider.

People hate the iPhone for the same reason people hate the Yankees.....ENVY!! The droid is a perfect example of that.....the iPhone haters are just begging for something.....ANYTHING......to come along and knock the iPhone off it's perch. Don't hold your breath folks....ain't gonna happen!!

im glad Moto Droid got the #1 spot...I've playd wit it and the ONLY real negative is it's design. The more praise other devices get, the more Apple is pushD to make the iPhone that MUCH better. Think about that b4 u go butchering the Droid. I didnt update to 3G(s) because i can LIVE w/o the (s).

Has nothing to do with being a fanboy.
It's like saying the Saints are the team of the decade after one good season.
The Driod doesn't even have that - I mean, as was said, it's just a new piece of azz, and ain't done nothin' to deserve the #1 spot.
Just like global warming data - when it's bad, you lose cred.

Well said!
The iPhone is on the top of the mountain, so people are going to hate on it just because. They are hoping for anything to come along and knock it off.
The sad thing is that most people don't even use the phone to it's fullest potential. Once you add a mac, AppleTV, MobileMe and AirTunes, your iPhone gratification doubles.
The ecosystem that Apple provides, absolutely, can not be matched at this point. This is why I stick with my iPhone, it's the best damn phone for me.
I do love the competition however, it will force Apple to innovate, if they want to stay ahead. So I hope the Android OS continues to take market share, so Apple can take it back.

Sure they can't make the iPhone gadget of the year every year.
I can't see the Droid digging Motorola out of the hole they're in. And having to give it a different name outside of the US is daft, any competitor to the iPhone needs global branding.

What's funny is people use the term " fanboy " to make other people feel like their loyalty to a company or idea is bad? I'm a freakin Apple fanboy and a fanboy of many passions!!!! So what and your a Fanboy of what ? Google or Microsoft or Bmw or Canon or Jesus? Big deal! People like certain things and I have used Apple products since I was in my teens and they still have my support for many reasons!!
1. I love underdogs
2. Microsoft has ruined many companies and lives intentionally!
3. Mac is and has been for years a chilled out -kick azz os!
4. Every apple product I've owned is the highest quality in it's category !
5. Apples rediscovered love for the environment!
6. My sister and brother were pc fanboys and I used to love to watch them loose their homework or have to restart their pcs many many times a day!!fun:)
7. Apple support has always been great and as a whole just awesome to deal with!
8. If you called me a Microsoft fanboy I would take that as an insult but Apple is an awesome company!! So I'm all good with being called an Apple fanboy!

This is much like Obama winning the Nobel peace prize for "not being Bush". They want to hearld some other device other than the iPhone.

And one more thing just because Im bashing Microsoft doesn't mean I dislike Ole' Bill! I have much respect for him especially with this whole Gates Foundation etc...being a Fan of something is supposed to be fun not a source of suffering for other people! The people behind the companies are all the same and many move within companies!

How you like dem apples?
I still luv my 3g tho. But they gotta stop slacking. Give us something to Wow about. Come on Apple!!

Good for Moto, the iPhone 3GS wasn't even worthy of being on the list IMO. It's almost old and boring at this point.

"Rankings are subjective; sales are not. Let the Droid have it’s ranking. The iPhone is number 1 in the only category that matters: SALES!!"
So given that Apple sells so few Macs compared to other desktops, what is your opinion of the Mac?
And given that Apple trails both RIM and Nokia in sales, can I guess that you disdain the iPhone too?

While te iPhone 3GS didn't really see any external impovements, I think it's a little hasty to rank the Droid as the device of the year. I mean, what, it's been on the market for like 4 weeks?

So the Nook is at number 2 and iPhone 3GS at number 4?
I guess Time magazine never got their hands on a Nook, as Pogue reviewed it today and says it's a total piece of junk.

Wow, the whining of people upset because a slightly refreshed device didn't get #1 gadget of the year. I mean...it's only normal.
And as iGadget pointed out to whoever made that quote. If sales are the end all, be all...does that mean Macs are inferior and suck? Do iPhone suck compared to BB and Nokia??
I don't think so. So watch what you say...
Point being, they got the honor...get over it. Hopefully this makes Jobs push the iPhone 4G to the limits and causes everyone to gush and aww all over again.

BBYM it was a joke, you don't think I've heard of the Droid. And I like my 3gs upgrade, faster processor, video and voice control.
I would get a Droid if the iPhone wasn't around, so Droid fanboys your not totally losing the fight.

Droid rules what? Do a search on Twitter for Droid then iPhone, check out how many more iPhone post compared to Droid. I would say Droid doesn't.

guess what? i could have custome themes on my droid WITHOUT jailbreaking it
Can your iphone do that? NO!!!!!!!
I could open a web page an wait for it to load, all while i'm writing am email.
Iphone kills the browser when you exit.
I could change my battery if needed, iphone cant
854 x 480 DROId screeen resolution iphone resolution = 480 x 320
FREE !!!! turn by turn voice navigation
DROID's youtube app has the option to watch in high quality. Iphone does not, unless you are on WIFI.
DROID has built in free TEXT-TO-SPEECH, very useful while driving. iphone doesn't
Last but not least. DROID is on a very,very,very,very,very, good 3G network. and has WAY MORE COVERAGE.
iphone users have to buy signal booster just make calls.

@ igenius
First of all, I'm not pitting the iPhone against an entire family of phones. RIM makes about 10 different Blackberry models available on all four major networks (even more if you count smaller carriers like MetroPcs). Then you have Verizon running a 2 for 1 Blackberry deal. There is ONE iPhone, available on ONE network (AT&T). So a more fair arguement would be to compare iPhone sales to, say, Blackberry storm sales (no comparison). Or, Blackberry Tour sales (again, no comparison). And again, up until Verizon practically gave away phones in that buy one get one free deal, the iPhone regularly outsold ALL BLACKBERRIES COMBINED!!!! Put that in your pipe and smoke it....

I like the iPhone but it's true what they said about it. Hopefully this will make the next gen iPhone beastly!

LOL You guys are funny!
This is why human beings have been the slaves of Governmet, you all get so bogged down bickering over the details that you miss the real story.
That's how the governments all over the world get almost half of everyones money in Taxes and that's how corporations shaft us daily. We always miss the big picture and bicker about details.
The point is simple, would Time magazines list be of any interest if the Iphone was number one or does the Article only gain public interest if it's contreversal? Time's primary interest is selling magazines, nothing more nothing less.

Oh and BTW it doesn't hurt to have one of the largest media clients aka Verizon be happy about what you printed

everyone with half a brain knows the droid is an extremely worthy iPhone competitor. the 3gs was a very minor improvement and basically included features that should have been on the iPhone 3g let alone the 2g. if apple would have actually redesigned and added truly new features to the iPhone this year, it definitely would have been #1.... I hope they make some drastic changes next June or they will be left behind.

it seems to me that apple's stratagy is sit, wait, make better. they let other manufacturers develop features, let the consumers get used to them, and then, a year later, come out with an iphone that does those same old features way better. complain about it all you want, but it def. works

People please the only reason Verizon can claim any 3g is because they bought out some of Alltel towers any questions thank you now back to Apple people do you really think Steve Jobs came back to watch his empire fall nah dont think so I think the only reason Apple didnt change the iPhone yet is because they are giving AT&T time to get there network together I mean why bring in a new phone if the network cant support it Im a iPhone owner (32g) hey I happy with my choice but for all you Driod owners smile because Apples gonna make you wish you never touch it by June thats something you can put stock in check our records

your a moron .. you apple fanboys are so go damn stupid.. seriously
you think time magazine gives a shiit about apple being on top and there hating on it just cause its number 1 .. its not like the iphone is extreamly limited and no one can get one.. anyone can go buy an iphone any time they please so why would time magazine hate on it just because its number one.. thats like saying there jealous because they cant have one and they want 1 .. your a typical moron fanboy..

(Droid Rules says I could open a web page an wait for it to load, all while i’m writing am email.)
I don't have to wait for mine to load, my 3g is fast where I'm at. People may have problems with AT&T but not me. Combined with the 3gs it's snappy.
I told you I would get a Droid if there wasn't a iPhone, don't be so touchy. I know the Droid does have some better features than the iPhone but my iPhone also has better than Droid in areas and has the apps I need. Sorry I already have turn by turn, no it wasn't free. I have speech to text yes it was free. I never thought the iPhones screen was bad so that hasn't bothered me. The battery, yea it would be cool to change but I don't have battery issues and I will have a new iPhone before it goes bad. Sorry I rarely watch you tube, if I do it's on my computer or tv. Buy a signal booster, hadn't needed it maybe some areas do but so will other providers just depends where your at, so that is a assumption. The iPhone is just solid and looks good unlike the Droid. But to each his own enjoy what you have, because you could have a Razor and that would be boring.

What none of the Driod boyz will admit to is getting your azzez kicked by the makers of the iPod.
Yep, what experience did Apple have with phones? Go ahead, I'll wait...
And they're spanking everyone who DOES make phones!
Pretty funny right there.
Moto, Nokia, Palm, all are getting the floor wiped by Apple and us fanboyz.
Sucks eh?
And of course, the next thing from Apple is only months away - your Droid won't make a dent in phone sales, and when Apple does release new hardware, you'll be back.
You're also HERE.
What's that say?
I don't go to any Driod sites - are there any worth reading???

The only reason you have not seen major changes on the iPhone is the same reason that the Droid is so close in features to the Iphone.
You can't fit mucj more technology into something this size! People who expect a 4G with drastic changes will be dissapointed, and don't expect Droids next upgrade to be anymore exciting. Both companies will have a few years wait till new advaces in electronics produce another Quantum (affordable) Leap in technology. In the meantime things like ole screens may be the biggest advancement in a 4G

Sorry about the long sentence.I was on break@work trying to sneak on companies computer.Really didn't have time to proof read.Like I was saying if you think you're using nav for free .Then I have a bridge in Ga to sell you,partly used.Like any other phone company,you're getting billed.They just won't show where on your bill.

The iPhone defines the Droid, and the Droid will live or die by how well it compares to the iPhone - all the Droidies know it, that's why they're here. The iPhone 3GS is the gold standard for this type of device.
If the Droid were truly the new standard those Droidies wouldn't be over here desperately attacking the iPhone all the time. It isn't, of course, and they know it.

I'm not a Droid hater but truth be told.If any phone comes out and beat the iPhone I'll be shocked. The iPhone was the first to come out with device.So does that make everbody else followers? I just saying

The main reason why I personally think the iPhone will always be better than any other phone is because it replaces both a mp3 player and a smart phone. That's exactly why I got the iPhone.
The Droid will always remain a smart phone. If the iPhone didn't have iTunes , things wouldn of been a lot different. Apple built the iPhone on top of what they already had. Macs are also apart of what the iPhone is built on too. The iPhone just happen to change the game but now apple needs to leap ahead of everyone else again.

@droid rules
you have to wait that ling for a pag to load that you can go check email? That sucks man. Also safari does the exact same thing. It doesn't shut down when you leave it. At least get your facts straight. Oh and as I'm typing this I'm also talking on my phone. Is there a droid for that?

Am I the only one who noticed that Time sold spots on this list to the highest bidder? Since when is any Dyson product anything but an overpriced appliance? C’mon… Dyson? And we are supposed to lend any credence to anything they have to say?

The iPhone is the gold standard! if you want a piece of sh*t droid go get one and quit crying that iPhone needs this or that. It's fine just the way it is you bunch of LOSERS!

I can honestly say I've either dropped and even accidentally thrown my Droid from taking it out of my jacket and losing my grip about TEN times and the thing is still ticking without any scratches! The DROID is a f'in tank!
To all you iPhone users on ATT. Try going on a driving vacation and let me know how that reception goes. I was formerly on ATT and have been with all other carriers. Verizon is hands down the best network (yes, vzw can be cocky cuz they know this, but I'm willing to deal with that knowing I have great coverage), and since I frequently go visit the great outdoors, I'm glad I have coverage where ATT does not! I honestly was not impressed when the 3GS came out as they really didn't improve much from the previous rev other than speed. (And video, wtf Apple! my POS 3 yr. old Samsung phone could do video before your iphone did!)
The DROID coming out is a wake up call to you Apple! Yes, I do like Apple too! I have an AppleTV, three iPods, and my wife has a Macbook. Sure I like the seemless integration Apple has with all my media, but not enough to move over to ATT for the iphone! We'll see if Apple is wise enough not to renew that exclusivity contract with ATT. iPhone comes over to Verizon when 4G LTE comes out I'll buy one, DROID is able to hold me over till then, even with some of the minor annoyances. :D

Who cares about 2009? It was not a good vintage.
iPhone is the gadget of the decade, century and

Why can there only be one good device available to consumers? How many of you Apple fanatics own stock in Apple? If you don't, why the blind loyalty to them? I've owned the iPhone, WinMo phones, and Android phones - they each have pros and cons. I probably won't ever go back to an iPhone due to Apple's restrictive nature, but I appreciate the GUI that Apple developed because it set a very high standard for smartphone developers. I would not have my Droid if the iPhone had never been developed. Competition is good for us consumers because it forces the companies to stay on top of their game. You people that will just buy anything that says Apple regardless of innovation are crazy! For me, I buy whatever suits my needs. I'm not loyal to any one company...you think Jobs is loyal to you? Absolutely not, he's loyal to your money and that's all any CEO will be. You guys need to be a little more open minded to other competing devices and realize that it's a good thing for us to have a choice. Apple hasn't done much to the iPhone franchise since its conception because it hasn't had to. For one most of its users will defend them to the death for a reason I have yet to determine. Secondly, they haven't had much competition. What has Apple added to the iPhone since it started? 3G support (all other phones already had it), MMS (welcome to 2003), Copy and Paste (My WinMo phone from 2004 could do that). My point is that blindly following Apple only hurts you guys as consumers. If you were to be critical of Apple and demand more from them, maybe you would get real innovations. I am not loyal to Google or Motorola because I own a Droid, the next phone that comes out that meets my needs I will purchase. It seems stupid for me to be in love with a company like so many people are with Apple. If Jobs knows he has your money whether or not he innovates, why would he spend the R&D money making the phone better? He wouldn't...he would simply add an "S" to the name of the phone and add a quicker processor and some other minor things and you guys will buy it. Call me crazy, but I want companies to work hard for my money, not just know that they'll have it no matter what they do.
Oh, and the only reason I'm on this website is that it's very entertaining to see how you Apple fanboys react to another device edging out your device. It's funny, I knew what you were going to say before I even read the comments. And as for the Droid only being out for a month, the point of Time's article isn't about how long a device has been out, it's about innovation. I'm sorry, but the 3GS (It's a good device, I even recommended it to my parents) isn't an innovative product for 2009. If the iPhone would have lost in 2007 then I would have had a problem with that. Just relax everyone and realize that it is possible for two devices to be excellent.
*Written from my 13" MacBook Pro (because this computer fit my needs, not because I have a love affair with Apple)

oh, and though there aren't a million and one apps, most of the apps are free and aren't fart apps, and are as useful and better than the iphones.

Last thing, promise, I'm using 2G on the droid (GSM version)and it's as fast if not faster than iphone 3gs depending on the app.