Tip: Send your digital booklets to iBooks

Ever wonder how to get your digital booklets into iBooks? All of us probably have some sort of digital booklet we received as part of an album in iTunes, right? To be honest, I never really viewed them because I would typically be on the go when the mood struck, not necessarily sitting on front of a computer.

Well, did you know you can "convert" your digital booklets in iTunes to make them viewable in iBooks? This is so easy, it should be illegal. We'll show you how after the break!

  • First, find the digital booklet in your iTunes library
  • Next, right-click to get to the "Get Info" option and click it
  • Next, click on the "Options" tab
  • Last, change the "Media Kind" to "Book"

In your device menu, go to books and make sure your booklet is check-marked and sync. That's it! If you want to place the digital booklet back into iTunes, just change the media type back to "Music" from the Books section in iTunes.

That's it. You're done! If you have any questions or know any addition cool iBooks tips, leave them in the comments below!

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Reader comments

Tip: Send your digital booklets to iBooks


Cool tips thanks.....do you know if there's an easy to find all the digital booklets with a smart playlist?

Just make a list where "media type" "is" "(whatever it is before you change it)". Perhaps also add "is purchased" if you need to.

Does this fail to work in Europe for Copyright reasons?
I do not have the option 'Book' among the options.
Where do I attach a screenshot to show you?