TiPb Apps 4.1 (and Give Away!) -- Consume for iPhone

Consume for iPhone

Rene talks to Marc Edwards of Bjango about Consume [$0.99 - iTunes link] for iPhone. Consume lets you track your cell phone and broadband usage, packages (like new Apple Store deliveries!), club cards, and more.

And Bjango's giving away ten (10) promo codes to TiPb readers! Just drop a comment below and tell us what you'd like to see in an iPad version of Consume. We'll pick 10 of you at random (so make sure you leave a valid email address so we can contact you).

Note: Promo Codes are only valid in the US App Store (Apple's rule, not ours), and they expire, so if you get one, use it asap!

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TiPb Apps 4.1 (and Give Away!) -- Consume for iPhone


I think the most important thing will be data so when on a us 3g plan you know when to switch to the higher teir. I know that won't be a new feature though.
I would love a way to somehow manage my iTunes accounts (personal and business).

I want to win a code for this but after taking a look at it, it's perfect and I can't think of a better one...... Maybe better backgrounds??

Without having tried it, I would say that a nice feature would be push notifications with the ability to set when the notifications are sent such as when certain number of minutes are used or when a package gets delivered or to a particular location, etc. It might also be nice to be able to email reports.

App should alert when going over the bw usage (for limited data plans). It would be a great addon and this would enable the user to go onto either wi-fi or upgrade :)

I think a great addition would be an end of the day notification giving the user an update on his usage..

I like it to have a way to track other things like oil in tank and how many bags of pellets I have for the stove

I'd like to see in both iPhone and iPad version utilities such as gas, electric, water etc most companies have the info and would be handy for all bills in one place. Looks a nice app.

I have never used it, so I couldn't say what it needs, although I suspect it'd be way more useful to me on an iPad than on my 3GS with unlimited data.

I would like to see bank acconts on it to send you notifications when you're close to over drawing an account

Since Consume has no recipe available in Mexico yet, I'd like that at first. But that's up to the provider and not Bjango.
Some sort of all-in-one bills app. To track all sorts of expenses. Utilites (eg water, gas, power), possibly some credit cards or store credits (sears and the like). Push notifications for standard options (reaching limits, due payment, package delivered),and customisable push would be nice (alerts for reaching a total amount of minutes, milestones, etc…)

I would love to see frequent flyer programs, loyalty/reward programs, paypal and even bank account balances (without detail as I have other apps for that).

Living in Australia, this is a much needed app on the iPhone ;-) For the iPad, you could start by adding the Singapore telcos (Singtel, M1, Starhub). Also, bank account information, where 2 factor auth is not required, could also be added.

I'd love to see Consume take advantage of the increase real estate of the iPad. Fancier graphs, view several accounts at once, etc.

awesome didnt even know about this app til you reviewed it thanks would love to get a free one :)

Definitely something with push notifications. Like the ability to notify you when you reach 100mb, 150mb, 200mb of data and so on, so that if you're on a limited plan you can pace yourself throughout the month.

Push Notifications is the only thing that really comes to mind. Also, just making it fit the whole iPad screen would be nice. The way they showed to maximize current iPhone apps using "double-pixel-technology" is pathetic in my opinion. Nice work though, the app looks really good.

For all the data that will be tracked, it would be useful to be able to define when and what should be tracked like calls/data/SMS/etc. Sample. Know when calls are free and do not count against ones plan.

I would like to see optimized graphics for ipad, ability to play music from ipad on another iPhone, ipad, computer, etc

Would be great to know how much data different processes use - online TV, searches, news, etc. - as well as how much allowance (in hours/minutes) you have left on that site...

I would hope that it can track apps, even the ones that I've deleted off my screens. Sometimes I want an app to do something later and I forget which one I paid for.

Definitely needs a push notification when you are nearing you monthly limit on iPad 3G data usage.

I'd like to see historical data where possible. I like to be able to check I have used every byte of my Optus account over the previous month. The graphs would look sweet on an iPad too.

I think a new layout of the app would look beauiful on the ipad. The current one looks awesome, but imagine four of your most often used/checked accounts shown at the tap of a finger. Also larger charts would look cool.

I haven't gotten the Consume app or the iPad but courtesy of TiPB, I could have both.. Yippee!!!

It looks great already but how about putting push notification to let owners know how much available data has left? And also utilize some kind of graphs to view it more easily.

So, I guess an iPad version for Consume is in the works already... I haven't had a chance to try out Consume but Bjango products are pretty good... Wouldn't mind winning a copy...

I just hope that the iPad version will let me see a chart comparing the wifi and 3G usage after a single month, so it can be decided if paying for the 3G is really worthwhile or if a wifi will do me good. I mean, internet everywhere is awesome, but dammit, I already have an iPhone.

I guess an iPad version for Consume is in the works already… I haven’t had a chance to try out Consume but Bjango products are pretty good. Wouldn’t mind winning a copy

Wait till AT&T starts with their tiered models for data download, everyone will be wanting this app... Go Bjango and TiPB....

What the ipad version really needs is a persistant screen widget that displays the status of what you're 'consuming' be that the delivery of package, anticipated arrival of a plane, etc. Thus you don't have to keep going into the app to see if the status changed. Course, that depends on the iPad supporting widgets... which indications up to this point seem unlikely. Too bad... with that much screen space to work with an iphone-esque apps homescreen seems like a waste.

I think a widget showing the current status for the ipad would be awesome. But of course the ipad has to support widgets for this to happen.

The app is meh for me. It's great for tracking my AT&T cellular and data. It just doesn't support a lot of services I need to track though. What would make the app incredibly more useful for me would be the ability to mail tracking numbers to special email address to get them into the app.

Great all around app to keep track of the things that you really dont think about but could use when the time comes.

Nice Oval Office-esque background window. Anyway, this is a slick app though I wish its support for Comcast High Speed Internet was more reliable. Though, I have a feeling this is probably more a problem on Comcast's end.

I already use AT&T's tools to track my usage, though with unlimited data that's not something I really worry about. There's definitely a market for this though in areas where unlimited data and voice isn't really an option.